Warning From MPD 3rd District to Columbia Heights Residents

A number of readers have sent me the following warning the 3DSubstation Listserv:

I find it to be my responsibility to alert you of a new trend (Home Invasion) within the Washington region that could pose a threat to the Columbia Heights Neighborhood. The common method of operation is that someone unexpectedly either knocks or bangs on your door. Upon opening the door to ascertain what the emergency is, they rush in and announce a robbery. I ask that if your front door is not equipped with a peep hole or similar device that you have one installed. If you feel uncomfortable with a person at your door please call 911 and advise them you have someone at your door and that they are trying to get in.

Also, with the cold weather upon us and there are many fraudulent methods that people use to get into your residence. Most of these criminals will engage you in a conversation about you utilities and ask to come into your home for a no fee inspection. Once inside they steal items from your residence without your knowledge. I urge everyone do not let anyone inside of your residence; just advise them that you are not interested. If you are please schedule an appointment with the main office and have them come out at your request. If they persist please call the police 911.

Edward Delgado
Third District Sub Station

I wonder how many crimes like this have to occur before an email like this is sent out? It quite a disturbing thought. But, I suppose one can never be too careful.

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  • I was wondering if this would be posted. I know its not good to dwell on crime but this has been a bad couple weeks for shootings, robberies, muggings, in the area and I was wondering when it would be discussed here. I’m pretty sure I was being trailed for a mugging walking home from the metro lastnight but maybe its just all the news going to my head.

  • im anti gun. but. being that its legal now… I may just get a small handgun for my house.

  • But what if it’s just the Mormons at the door wanting to convert you?

  • You know something like this kinda happened to me in another city and state a couple of years ago.

    It was around Christmas and this man banged on my second floor apartment door and said someone was chasing him with a shotgun. I said I would call the police but I didn’t open my door because it sounded odd (this wasn’t a shotgun totin’-type area) and I had never seen this man before in the building and the complex was in a wooded area (on a lake) so it seemed odd he would randomly be in the area (yes, I thought of all this as I stood at the door listening).

    When I said I would call the police, he ran down the stairs. Later I asked other folks in the building and they said no one had knocked on their doors, which made me think it was a scam cause if someone is chasing you with a shotgun, why pass by two doors and climb a staircase to knock on my door?

  • Consider doing what we did — get a couple of semi-large, sweet-but-loud-when-people-knock dogs from the pound; the bark is enough to make a would-be intruder decide to move on. Plus you’ll be saving a sweet, abandoned doggy’s life. Just make sure to pick up your dog’s poop, lest you be ensuring that all us dog-owner’s get the neighborhood side-eye.

    The only major downside is having to go walk them when it is flippin’ freezing, like I’m about to do now.

  • WTF does “a new trend within the Washington region” mean, exactly? I mean, other than “cause people to irrationally fear home invasions”?

    What is this “trend” and why does Delgado think it’s headed to CH? Has this happened once? Twice? Fifty times? What’s the point of stirring up all of this fear if you can’t bother to provide any facts?

    How annoying.

  • Again with the crime…don’t you know there is no problem with crime in DC?

  • Every major city is engulfed with crime. Almost every major city is majority black. There is a correlation there. I’m black. So don’t brand me a racist. But I do not have my head so stuck up my A$$ to not acknowledge the obvious.

    People that commit robberies, sell drugs, etc are bad for business. They are bad for investment in communities. We can not successfully integrate these people into the community. All the mixed use development ideas are pie in the sky. Noone wants to live around these people.

  • I agree nate. lets kick out all the blacks. see ya later.

  • I never said all need to go. I said that there is a correlation. A strong correlation. But there are a lot of them that need to GO. Anywhere. Somewhere. Who cares. And I am not the only one saying this. I hear people (other blacks) that say the same thing. They are tired of being robbed, attacked, etc. And then to top that off they get regarded by the wider populace as one in the same.

    There is no bigger division than the black people that are trying to separate themselves from the black animals that typify every stereotype that comes to mind about black people.

  • I was also annoyed at the bad attention this brought to our neighborhood. It says it is a trend in the “Washington region” and “could pose a threat to Columbia Heights.” So what, a home invasion in Prince Williams county means Columbia Heights is more dangerous?

  • So some of you would rather not know that this variant of crime is going on and be able to prepare yourself in case it should come knocking on your door, however unlikely that might be?? There’s nothing irrational about it — investigators have identified a type of crime that has happened in the general area that follows what they believe is largely a standard pattern. It’s a data point that some people might want to take into consideration in providing for their own safety — nothing more, nothing less. If you know there’s a pattern, you might be able to recognize it should it repeat itself at your front door.

  • Anon @ 10:46 – Im definitely not suggesting open discussion and warnings about such things are inappropriate. I am glad officer Delgado is being vigilante about these things. What bothered me about this comes more from the posting of it on DCist a few days ago under the title “Police Warn of Home Invasion Burglaries in Columbia Heights.” I found it horribly misleading. It also seems that a lot of people that read the article, even here without the misleading title, read it to mean this is something that is going on in Columbia heights when that is not the case (or at least not the reason for the email from Delgado).

  • Actually there was a home invasion in CH recently. It happened on Girard I think. A guy knocked on the door. The door was answered by a child. The shooter barged in and shot and killed a man in the home and searched the place. This happened at ~ 8AM.

  • “Every major city is engulfed with crime. Almost every major city is majority black. There is a correlation there. I’m black. So don’t brand me a racist…”

    Uncle Ruckus? Is that you?

  • Darkside,
    Why do you think the Uncle Ruckus character exists?

  • Where in the warning is there any mention of the race of the people who are committing these crimes? For all we know they could be black, white, latino, or pink with purple polka dots. Race has nothing to do with this.

    I think the point that Inspector Delgado is trying to make is to use common sense when you answer the door!

  • The race issue is obviously belied by the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of blacks in DC who don’t commit crimes. The fact that so many DC criminals are black could as easily be attributed to corruption in local government and neglect by our colonial federal masters who simply fail to engage in the same law enforcement activities as they do elsewhere. Of course, there are other factors, such as music and NWA and all them cooliez, which for all I know my mutual funds are supporting right now!

    So Nate, I feel your pain and hope you don’t start hating yourself or something. Focus on the positive, be proud of your heritage, etc etc etc. Or maybe you have low blood sugar or something? 😉

  • “So Nate, I feel your pain and hope you don’t start hating yourself or something…”

    It’s WAAAAAAAY too late for that! He probably wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and slaps the shit out of himself repeatedly…and then sheds a tear.

  • I was just thinking about the same notion that Jimmy D. mentions. Last night I went out to dinner with people and they all grimaced and told me to be careful going home when I said I lived in Columbia Heights. The only reason why they did this was because of DCist. It really irks me. Why don’t they report on crime in other parts of the city? I feel like Columbia Heights and Petworth has this bad rap when in fact the people who give it have probably never been here except for maybe going to Target. ugh.

  • Jackie,
    If you don’t like the crime being reported on CH/PW, well tell the thugs not to commit the crime. Same can be said for SE/NE. They are only reporting the crime that HAPPENS. They are not making it up. I have coworkers that are afraid of CH. One’s wife was brutally mugged there. When they tell me this, I know exactly why and I know exactly who.

    As for me being unhappy with myself. Please. I am unhappy when I get to Ft. Totten and none of the 15 cabs lined up out front will give me a ride around the corner. And I know exactly why—some black man has robbed or ran out on the fare. I am unhappy when I hear young blacks on the train cursing and using the N word on the train (don’t act like you have never heard it). It makes me cringe. It makes me want to go up to one of them and slap their a$$ around like their non existent daddy or their no account mother should.

    I get so upset when I see all my black women tenants having baby after baby with no father around to even bring a pamper or a baby wipe. I am upset when I go to Zaytinya and I am treated to MPD chasing young blacks up and down 9th St. while having dinner. So yeah, maybe I hate myself alright. But only the part that prevent others from distinguishing me from THEM! Of the black people I know, I am not alone.

  • “So yeah, maybe I hate myself alright. But only the part that prevent others from distinguishing me from THEM!”

    Somebody needs a hug…

  • I work with wonderful black folks, I voted for a black dood for president, and would give Nate a high five and a ride home if I could. And yes, I hate the same things Nate hates in regards to what I see in the black community. But I’ve also seen similar things in the white community I grew up in, so I understand its all relative and its likewise important to not focus too much on the bad.

    In regards to crime and such though, I do wish I was Batman and could destroy these evildoers among us. I just don’t quite equate blacks with crimes (believe it or not!).

    Relax Nate, or turn your anger into something besides blog posting. Maybe you could paint a mural, and get on the PoP mural highlight thing? 🙂

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