Vietnamese Market On Park Road (Just West of 14th St., NW)


After yesterday’s post on the new Pho restaurant coming to Park Road I thought I’d stop by the Vietnamese market some folks referenced. Indeed they were super nice. And they said that the Pho restaurant will open up in 2 months. The market reminded me a bit of the new Japanese market that opened up at 17th and U. It’s a little gritty inside but it is has lots of interesting options. If anyone is interested in checking it out it’s just a few store fronts west of SimplySoles.


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And oddly some of that coffee that is super popular in New Orleans:


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  • Last time I was in here, the place was disgusting. Roaches on the cans, everything covered in unidentifiable gunk.

    But hot damn, it don’t even matter! There are so many awesome gems on their shelves that I’d fight dog sized rats to shop there. They have a TON of products that are difficult to find in the city proper.

    – Maesri curry paste is rare now that Whole Foods stopped selling it. The only other place I’ve seen it is Eden Center. I think they only carry two or three out of seven kinds, but they’re the best. It blows the crap in glass jars out of the water.
    – That Foco stuff you have in the picture is by far THE best canned coconut juice. It’s in grocery stores sporadically, but this place always seems to have it.
    – Best of all, fresh thai chilis! Nearly impossible to find in supermarkets, and when you do they’re unripe and not at all hot.

  • This place is a must for Asian cooking staples intown. It’s not just Viet Namese, they have necessities for Thai, Korean, Chinese, etc.. While there are lots of other (larger) Asian markets in the metro area — e.g. there’s a pretty good Thai market in Silver Spring on Thayer Avenue, and Lucky World in Wheaton is a megalomart — having this little store in the ‘hood is a real boon.

  • They also have fresh Thai Basil that is indespenible in so many dishes.

  • What are the cross streets? Park Rd and what? I want to check this place out!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just west of 14th Street.

  • They need to dump the Cafe du Monde variety of New Orleans coffee and Community, French Market, or CDM. You can get Cafe du Monde at Harris Teeter and the others are better and less expensive.

  • when I first moved here the whole street was filled with Vietnamese families, but for the most part they’ve moved out.

    That street is not pleasant to be on, however.

  • What happened to all the money that was supposed to be allocated to small businesses on this stretch for facade improvement, marketing, etc.? A cleaned up front with better signage, some money for marketing in local papers / a website, etc. could go a long way towards helping this and other stores on that stretch attract new customers.

  • This is such a great find. I can’t wait to do some “authentic” Vietnamese cooking. I’m heading straight here after work and cooking some “dope” springrolls, fresh.

  • They stock great asian green veggies in the back, which are super cheap.

    There is a facade plan in the works. Owners have to put $10k of their own money into the rehab in order to start the process. Right now, the roadway is a mess, but the facade project is moving forward.

  • I go to that market whenever I get one of my rare cravings for gyoza (bitter melon). This is the only place inside the District where I have found it.

  • Interesting, will have to pick up a few things there. I do wish the city, proprty owner, and store owner would get together and improve that uninviting, cluttered, outright dirty facade. You can’t even see inside with all those stickers, posters, and lottery signs in the windows. A powerwashing, de-cluttering and nice awning would do wonders for business. Half the people who walk by are probably unaware of the delicacies within!

  • I’m with Mr. T. Whenever I see these stores that have their fronts cluttered shut with signs, faded posters, etc, I assume they are only interested in selling cigarettes, single beers and salty snacks. Does it really cost that much to clean the window and put a fresh coat paint on the facade? It really conveys a sense that the owners do not care about their standing in the community.

  • @ET….
    But HT is not walkable from my house. CDM is a treasure. While it’s not Community Coffee, the coffee/chicory blend gives a nice deep taste that can’t be matched by anything I’ve tasted north of I-10. I know it was done as a method to “stretch” the coffee in war times, but generations got hooked on it. For a true Louisianian, the chicory is not just a flavor, but warm memories of drinking coffee with grandparents and family members. When visitors drop in, you put on the good stuff — again CDM or CC’s coffee. Though these brands are exported to the more regions, the true at home brews are rare to find.

    If this is the TRUE NEW ORLEANS blend, its gold!

    Now, can someone point me to a king cake!?!

  • Ahh! I just walked in today and the shelves were SUPER bare. They guy told me they’re closing up shop, forever.

    🙁 Sad day. Where am I going to get my asian greens now?

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