Sweet City Church

DSCN5740, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is the 7th Day Adventist Church located at Mass and 10th Streets, NE.


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  • this is like a block from my apt. and its a pain in my ass. Their congregation is mostly from MD and thusly parks all kinds of crazy all over the neighborhood.

  • This place was built as a Congregationalist church; that was one of the classic New England Protestant denominations, as the architecture suggests.
    Like clearbluewater33, I live a block away. The Suburban Church People of (at least) two nearby churches take up all the parking every Sunday morning (I’m philosophical — hey, that’s inner-city life — but it drives my wife nuts). The one good thing about the Seventh Day Adventists is that they do their thing on Saturday instead of adding to the Sunday crush.

  • Like the two above, I also live a block away. Saturdays are terrible. The rest of the week though, the caretakers and others are all actually pretty nice. I’m just happy that they’ve stopped coming to my door Saturday morning before services to preach.

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