Starbucks To Close 200 More Stores In the US

This Starbucks Is Closed, originally uploaded by shaycam.

A reader sent the news from the Huffington Post:

“The gourmet coffee chain plans to close 300 underperforming stores around the world _ including 200 in the U.S. _ by the end of the fiscal year in addition to the 600 U.S. stores it began closing this summer.”

The reader suggested that I do a “post on which DC Starbucks we could do without, or which ones are most likely to get the ax”. I think that’s an interesting idea. My guess is that it shouldn’t hit DC proper too hard since DC’s economy has been holding up fairly well compared to the rest of the US. But to ponder the question I’ve always thought it was a bit odd that there is a Starbucks on 14th Street in Columbia Heights and another one right across the street in the Target. I wouldn’t be too sad if they closed the one in the Target and maybe, oh I don’t know, opened up a Taco Bell there instead…

What do you guys think – are there any spots that you think may get hit with a closure? Do you know of any spots that probably should be closed?

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  • I think they should close the one near Dupont Circle. And by “one” I mean “forty seven.”

    Most of these closings will hit suburban stripmalls. The downtown stores do plenty of foot traffic, so they should remain profitable. That is, until DC decides to triple property and business taxes yet again.

  • I wonder if the Starbucks inside the Target is considered a separate franchise by company headquarters. Many SB’s inside other businesses (airports, Barnes and Nobles) are actually run by the latter business – they buy and sell SB products, but the employees do not work for SB, they are not company-tested like Starbucks franchises, etc. I don’t know if that’s the case with Target.

    NB: In the last round of SB closings (more than 600 nationwide), DC only lost one (21st and L), so its feasible that we may not lose anymore.

  • Chris- I think that might be the case with Starbucks within Targets. I tried to find out if they had wireless internet in one in Dallas and the barista if I remember correctly she said they were not an SB run store. They didn’t have the t-mobile wireless like they do in regular stores.

    With that being said, Starbucks was opening stores in some pretty crazy places. They opened one in the “big town” about 20 miles from the town I grew up in.. This town’s pop. was maybe 30,000. It was a once rich town in the middle of oil country but had definitely seen better days. I never understood why the opened one there….

    I have been in quite a few Starbucks both in DC proper and the burbs. They all seem to be prettty busy but the least busy one was at the apartment complex next to the Ikea in College Park. That place was dead on a Saturday afternoon.

  • I second PoPs suggestionf or a Taco Bell – mmmmmm.

  • There are two on 7th Street, one right by the Archives-Navy Memorial metro stop and one further up, across from TangySweet. The one closer to the metro is TERRIBLE–slow, and the order it usually wrong!

    However, the one that is on U Street at New Hampshire is EXCELLENT! Whoever runs that one knows what he or she is doing. I’ve never had a problem there and love stopping by.

  • The starbucks that operate within barnes or target or a hotel are generally referred to as “Proudly Serving Starbucks” establishments, I worked at one long ago and far away during my college days and although we had all the products and logos we didn’t get the famous starbucks benefits or snappy attire. That being said, I suspect that despite the fact that there are literally 3 starbucks within a stone’s throw of my office none of them will be affected by this downsizing since they are constantly packed with suits, tourists, and laptops.

  • They should keep the one by the Archives/Navy Memorial metro station open simply for the Help the Homeless Walkathon, when it is the warm salvation of hundreds of frozen walkers. I don’t know what I would do without it…on that day, at least…

  • Vonstallin

    Sooo glad I don’t drink coffee……So glad.

  • Vonstallin, coffee, dog parks, and condo buildings are all stuff white people (like myself) like. We also like “ethnic food”, long walks on the beach, and facebook.

  • I’ll sign the petition to replace the Target SB with a Taco Bell.

    And I’m with vonstallin. Failing to develop a coffee addiction, much like failing to develop a liking for weed, has put me miles ahead of my peers, financially. At least until I take a bath trying to sell my rowhouse in CH.

  • I developed my Starbucks addiction back in grad school, and have cut back quite a bit since then. I just wanted to say that the handful of times I’ve been to the Starbucks in Columbia Heights, the people who work there have been super nice!

  • I suggest that they take some of the starbucks buildings and turn them into indoor dog parks. 🙂

  • Coffee is proof that the gods love us and want us to be irrationally angry all the time.
    -Benjamin Franklin

  • Vonstallin

    Anonymous Says:

    January 29th, 2009 at 10:15 am
    Vonstallin, coffee, dog parks, and condo buildings are all stuff white people (like myself) like. We also like “ethnic food”, long walks on the beach, and facebook.

    I tried to jump on the band wagon a long time ago, but the taste never stuck, just like Beer yuck!
    I absolutely love the smell though. I watch my co-workers make the SB trek daily and always have a story to tell when they come back (12th and Maryland ave Mandarin Hotel store). They know the staff…who makes them good, who f**ks up the order, long lines out the building.
    I do feel as though I’m missing out on a piece of pop culture…a little bit.

    I hate dogs because I’m scared of them (and allergic to their saliva). Back in the Wild West days of DC (early 80’s) I’ve been attacked/bitten 3 times b4 I turned 13, so my Freudian Fear is set in place. I’ve step n fell into dozens of piles of shiit over the years.

    Star Bucks = Blah!
    Dog Parks = Blah!
    Condos = Blah!
    Facebook = Blah!

    (I do like long walk on the beaches…hmm, but normaly its with white folks…never realized that…hmmmm). lol

    I want more:
    Crack Houses: That will get more $20 crack whores back in PW/CH
    Liquor Stores: to keep the vagrants cutting lawn for $5
    Strip Clubs: So I can see fancy cars late at night
    Chinese Carry Outs: You just cant get enough of those [y]

    Anyway I’ll get back on topic.

  • Vonstallin

    Oh, I was being sarcastic…. All the stuff the new guys like are cool…in moderation

  • All IntangibleArts Intelligence Agents (i.e., all my multiple personalities) are enormous fans of strong coffee (Kenya AA brewed like hot football leather, that’s the stuff), but we never got into Starbucks. I’d love to say it’s because of some corporate political highbrow anti-hipster reasoning, but no: Starbucks coffee is all char & no flavor. In short, it bites.

    Cheaper & more fun to brew six gallons of good stuff at home & suck it all day at work through a camelback, then have a massive stroke at 5:30. Die fast, live forever!

    What would Cupcake Dog do? (WWCDD?)

  • Buy-bye chains

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