Some Wild Trees

DSCN6121, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I feel like these would be very welcome on the surface of Mars. Anyone know what kind they are?


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  • That is a pruning technique known as ‘pollarding’. I can’t tell what kind of tree that is, but it is probably a type with ornamental features on new growth (like flowers or berries). The branches are all cut off, encouraging new growth of twigs, which are then cut off again the next year. Repetition creates those gnarly ends to the major branches.

    You can look up pollarding on wiki for a more in depth description.

  • Most lime trees in Bermuda are pruned like this. The whole island is covered in them.

  • I live nearby, and I was told by someone who claimed to know that they are American Basswood/Linden trees that are pruned every year. Cool effect.

  • This is in Adams Morgan at Belmont and 16th – Beekman Center or something? It seems to have awesome exhibits that I never manage to get to. I can’t seem to find their website, but it was apparently an old mansion:

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