Really Artistic Unsolved Murder Signs

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I noticed a number of these signs all over Adams Morgan. It struck me right away for two reasons. First, I thought it was really unusual to see drawings instead of photos. But second, which may explain the drawings, the murder took place in 1968. It seems pretty random to see signs like this for such an old murder case. But it’s legit because it’s listed on the DC MPD’s Web site. Anyone ever see a sign like this before?


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  • Hmm.. to me this is an example of tasteless art. No matter how sad there are these unsolved “cold cases”.

  • If it’s supposed to be art, it’s really tasteless. I would be extremely angry if it were my brother or sister portrayed in one of these “pieces”.

  • when i discovered that karen hawkins was murdered in my neighborhood so long ago, and that the crime is unsolved, i thought as a tribute to her, that she not be forgotten, i’d place a few of thse signs around. i could have just printed the mpdc signs, but who would have really looked at them? i thought a drawing might make people look a bit closer and hoped that it would honor her memory. maybe i failed in that regard. i hope the case is solved someday.

  • As an art teacher/historian/maker, I must say that I absolutely love these posters. Fantastic drawing, first of all, and the intent is there and prominent (and talk about your emotional connections)… I think it’s great. Just like with any artwork, police “wanted” signs get lost in our daily shuffle, and we fail to even see they are posted in our train stations and on the street signs we pass every day. This different angle has more of a chance of helping the case, if only because it with gather more attention, and it’s an artform that we don’t often see. Two birds with one stone- the perfect attempt at ‘modern’ art.

  • The one case from your neighborhood that personally touched you, maybe OK (though it was from 40 years ago, so even that’s a stretch)…..but you have about 10 of them from all over the area (DC, MD, & VA)… were personally touched by all of these? At what point does it turn from art to exploitation?

  • I missed the memo on when trying to solve a murder is “tasteless”.

    I mean, we’re not talking Maplethorpe photographs here. These are hand-drawn reproductions of MPD’s own posters.

  • Anon 10:23 – Exactly! This is today’s art world epidemic/conundrum.

    (It makes me so excited in a nerdy way. wee!)

  • You are obviously wrong.

    Peaches are not tasteless

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