Reader Request: Where’s The Best Crab Cake In Town?

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We judged the best burgers in town. Now, a reader would like to know where we can find the best crab cakes. I’ve never had one at The Heights but I hear they’re pretty good. A friend of mine is a huge devotee of the crab cakes found at Eastern Market. So where’s the best one you’ve had?

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  • This is tough because there are many to choose from. Clyde’s actually has good, cheap ones. Crisfield’s in Silver Spring too. Any of the high end seafood spots can make good ones.

    There are lots of great crabcakes in this town, for obvious reasons. Don’t ever trust other regions of the country when it comes to Crab Cakes. It never very good- they don’t know how to make a proper one and use awful crab meat from god knows where, not real blue crab with minimal filler.

  • c.f. folks

  • Mrs. K’s in Silver Spring has some great crab cakes, if you’re willing to spend a little more.

  • Hank’s Oyster Bar.

  • Not sure about the best, but I had some at Ulah Bistro on Saturday night and they were really good – lots of real crab and not a lot of bread. My whole experience there was good – we got a free tuna tartar because we waited pretty long for a table and I have to say it was delicious.

  • I personally love going to the SW fish market. I like the stand that offers crab balls and hush puppies. they arent spectacular or anything but I challenge you to come up with something better to do on a nice summer day than walk around the fish market munchin on crab balls. only thing that would be better would be if they sold draft beer and had picnic tables.

  • The University Club on 16th Street, if you’re enough of a baller to get in the front door.

  • They’re not cheap, but Oceanaire’s crab cakes are fantastic.

  • Jerry’s Seafood in PG has the Crab Bomb – pricey, but unbelievable crab goodness!

  • I second cupcake, Jerry’s Seafood has really yummy crab cake- no filler!

    I posted the website in my name incase anyone is interested.

  • The ones at The Heights when cheap during happy hour are pretty yummy, but small.

    However, if you’re serious about crab-cakein’, it’s well worth the drive to B’more’s Lexington Market to go to Faidley’s. That is serious crab cake- all lump crab, no filling, no pretention, just stand (no seating there) and eat crab and drink beer with abandon.

  • I’m not a seafood eater, but I am told that Clydes’ are very good.

  • Blacksalt, for sure!

  • I second c.f. folks. They are amazing!

  • yeah, i really hate to say this, but go to baltimore. there are some perfectly fine crabcakes around dc. i’ve had clydes and the heights and some other more forgettable ones. but, man, baltimore. that lexington market place mentioned above is awesome. i’m fond of duda’s tavern in fells point for all things baltimore – beer, crab, beer.

  • dc should really have its own version of a lexington or cross street market. and dont even say eastern market is it.

  • I’ve had the Faidley’s crab cakes in B-more. They were okay, but I believe they were deep fried as opposed to broiled.

    For my money, there’s a stand at the Sunday Dupont Farmers market that sells uncooked crab cakes. Bring them home, throw them in the toaster oven, or oven set on Broil. Broil for 8-10 minutes, and what emerges is pure unadulterated bliss…mmmmm.

  • The crabcakes at Next Door are pretty dern good.

  • I second Oceanaire – it’s one of the few restaurants in town that uses jumbo lump crabmeat without much filler. Many restaurants use only lump. And if they use any kind of pepper in the mix they have no idea how to handle crabmeat.

  • The crab cakes sold at the Dupont Farmers market are awesome. Also the ones made for you on the spot at Wegman’s (ok so thats waaaaay out in VA) are really good.

  • I love the crab cakes at Ollies Trolley downtown. All lump crab meat, no fillers, and cooked to order. That place is just kind of awesome in general…

  • Also, if you don’t mind driving, you can go to Stoney’s in Solomon’s Island in Southern Maryland. They have the best crab cakes. They’re huge, priced reasonably and delicious. Plus the boardwalk is beautiful.

  • Rays the classics in Silver Spring

  • Equinox restaurant downtown has the best, but usually only in season.

  • Surprisingly, I had some excellent crabcakes at the place on 18th street where Fasika’s used to be. I’m blanking on the name right now, but it’s more of a bar than a restaurant, which is why I was surprised the crabcakes were so good. They were almost all meat and done perfectly. This reminds me that I’ve been meaning to go back and get them again.

  • I agree with all who said Lexington Market is the only place to go. I used to work about a block away and I miss grabbing a crab cake and some crab soup to go. (or a shrimp salad sandwich from Mary Mervis) The ones at Market Lunch at Eastern Market are okay, but I tend not to bother with crabcakes down here.

  • I second cupcake. Jerry’s Crab cake bomb is the best to me.

  • Johnny’s Half Shell FTW!

  • The question is “Where’s the best crabcake in TOWN?” Since I assume that PoP means his town (D.C.) I’m going to have to second Anon 9:42A and say that Ben’s Next Door has an awesome crabcake for D.C., especially for the price. It’s almost all pure, unadulterated backfin crabmeat.

  • I second the SW fish market, and I think the c-cakes there are actually good in the sense that they are lotsa crab.

  • As much as I hate to endorse anything in Georgetown, I have to give a shout to J. Pauls. Super good.

  • @Drewlove: I get that, but to me, it’s like a milder version of my friend’s “No shrimp in Indiana” rule. He is from southern Mississippi, and when he went to Indiana for undergrad, he went to some restaurant and got shrimp. Big mistake. He’s used to the best, and then went someplace that just couldn’t possibly be on par (and could, quite reasonably, come down with a case of funny tummy). To me, getting crabcakes in DC, while not as absurd as ordering shrimp in Indiana, is generally fruitless and disappointing. (though, Market Lunch will do in a pinch, and all this chatter may propel me from my couch to Eastern Market for a late lunch; J. Paul’s isn’t terrible either) Especially considering how good you can have it just a short drive North (or South, or East).

    I do remember attending a catered party that had excellent crabcakes. Design Cuisine may have been the caterer.

  • Dancing Crab has a decent crab cake, but the all you can eat crab is even better… if you don’t mind annoying AU students and taking the treacherous hike up Wisconsin to almost-suburbia-land.
    There are some other places in Bethesda and Silver Spring, but that’s not quite DC.

  • I know it’s not in the city, but Bobby’s CrabCakes in Rockville is supposed to be excellent. They use only 100% jumbo lump crab meat and are within 2 blocks of Rockville metro.

    For what it’s worth, the WaPo says that Bobbys, along with Jerry’s Seafood in Lanham and the Prime Rib and Oceanaire in downtown Washington, have the best crab cakes around. Also I have heard a piece about Bobbys on WAMU.

  • I hate saying this, but Old Ebbitt’s has fantastic crabcakes if you are willing to leap over the tourists and wannabe power brokers.

  • Creme on U Street has the best I’ve had; all meat, no filler, literally. They wrap it in a wonton wrapper so there is no need to bread it up.

  • At my mama’s house.

  • CF Folks
    Christfields (the one under the bridge, not the shiny one on Rt. 29)
    Dancing Crab

    All of the above I’ve tried in the past & were good. Better ones can be found on places right on the bay. (E.G, Annapolis, St. Mary’s, etc…)

  • Best high-end crabcake: Oceanaire, DC downtown

    Best reasonably priced crabcake: Ulah Bistro, U Street

    Best crabcake you have to stand to eat: Faidley’s, Lexington Market, Baltimore

  • To add to the Baltimore-area suggestions, G&M is amazing! It’s closer to BWI airport than downtown Baltimore.

  • I love Murphy’s Seafood crabcakes at Georgia and Kenyon. Yes, it’s a dive with a screen door and no AC. But the guy who owns the place is really nice, and they take credit/debit cards unlike a lot of the carryouts on Georgia. The crab cakes are not the healthy kind — They’re deep-fried, and served on white or wheat bread with about 1/4 cup of tartar sauce. And they’re awesome.

  • yes! the crabcakes at The Heights are the best

  • Ditto to DC Liz — (Morgan’s seafood)

    now if only Romeo could GRILL his crabcakes (not fry them), he’d be big time. I have been thinking about asking him to make patties which I could take home and broil —

  • You can find the best crab cakes in town at The Morrison Clark Inn & Restaurant. They are at the intersection of 11th and Mass NW

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