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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rave: Moroni Brothers delivery on Saturday night – delicious and quick. Hurray! Finally a place that doesn’t think Park View is too far away.

    Rant: Baby is teething and crabby. Are there any hood-based baby groups or activities out there? Starting to go stir crazy and it’s only Monday…

  • Dos Gringo’s – I hate that place. The food is terrible. The hipsters are terrible and the fact that they call themselves gringo’s is lame. Calling MtP a “pueblo in the city” is fine, calling your restaurant “dos gringo’s” in a latino-centric neighborhood is not inventive and just plain silly. How about changing the name and theme of the place away from the current name and that doesn’t attract more hipsters and yuppies. They screwed up my bagel and coffee, and i’m still pissed at them. A bagel and coffee, seriously?

  • Rave: It’s my birthday!

    Rant: Announcing it on my blog did me little good!

  • Rave: Apparently Moroni Brothers delivers to Park View. I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

  • Anon 12:04- i smell a new reality show. The Real Housewives of Parkview

  • Rant: Why was there a trail of opened condoms on the sidewalk?

    Rave: At least they are using them!!!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Happy Birthday Herb! As a long time reader allow me to give you one of the new PoP t-shirts. Please email me directly.

  • I could not care less about the name Dos Gringos. in fact I think the Name is the best part about it. I only mind that the food blows. Yet with all of 3 worth while establishements on MTP Street they always seem to be doing a lot of business. go fingure.

  • Rant: I actually really like Dos Gringos.
    anon 12:32- There are way more than three. If we are talking food and/or drinks, Haydee’s, Marx Cafe, The Raven, Tonic and Heller’s are a good jumping off point. Also, forget you guys, I like the Bestway.

    Rave: Had an awesome weekend.

  • Happy Birthday Herb!!!

  • Rave: I ate at Moroni Bros on Friday night — an idea of friends to support them after their window bust as shown on PoP. While I”ve been a longtime fan of theirs, the pizza Friday night was the best yet, plus the restaurant was PACKED. So happy they are doing well, they definitely deserve it!

  • Rave: I am no longer unemployed! And making more money than I was at my old job, woo hoo!

  • Rave: I went to Domku for the first time this weekend. Brunch was delicious, affordable, the place is adorable and the servers were really sweet. In all, a happy time.

    Rant: Being the fifth wheel for a night at Wonderland was not awesome. The only dude who asked me to dance was approximately 60 years old. So I am the single one hit on by the oldies. What a self-esteem booster!

  • Rave: Saw Twelfth Night at the Shakespeare Theater, it was great. Unfortunately it was the closing weekend.

    Rant: Four and a half more days until the long weekend!

  • Does anyone know what happened to the mailboxes both at the corner of Grant Circle and Varnum, across the street from St. Gabriels’Church and the one at the corner of 8th and Varnum? I assume the post office had them removed but I don’t think it was for the Inauguration, as they were removed a while ago and I still miss them. ANy ideas?

  • Rave: I’m meeting Mo Willems today!

    No ranting necessary, today is happy.

  • Vonstallin

    Had great seafood at Mid Atlantic Seafood in Laurel MD..

    Rave #2:
    Went and talk to a trainer and he recomended that I take some Rice Protien and magnesium….

    The volitile combination of magnesium and Rice protien cause me to blow the f*&kin doors off the mens room at work….

    Why didnt he tell me the Mag is like a laxsative. why….
    The rice protien

  • Rant: I miss the mailboxes near Grant Circle too. I believe the USPS removed them to discourage aliens from taking them and performing noxious experiments on them in their flying saucers. It couldn’t have been for any other reason since several hundred people used them to send mail on a regular basis and the USPS would never, ever do something as confoundingly STUPID as to remove a mailbox that is well used.

    Rave: I figured out how to make a “exploding” pie chart with the powerpoint chart-helper-doomahitcher this PM — but Microsoft still stinks.

  • saf

    Rave: The masons started work, and some day, SOME day, I will have a retaining wall that is perpendicular to the ground.

    Rant: WASA sucks rocks. Lead rocks. Big, big lead rocks.

  • Rant: Had a fight with the boyfriend over something that seemed a big deal at the time…but looking back, really wasn’t (or shouldn’t be, at least). Now I’m not sure how to apologize. I also just diagnosed myself with a whopping case of codependency…which actually might explain some things. And, after months of paranoia it finally happened–while walking down the stairs, my heel got caught in the cuff of my pants and I went flying.

    Rave: I flew down the stairs in an empty staircase–no witnesses! And nothing but a bump on the shin.

  • Rant: My behind itches and my first thought was rectal or colon cancer. It happens and you die from it, after it hurts a lot, you get chemo and your hair falls out.

    Rave: My doctor told me, oh, it’s only hemmeroids (sp) and they’re common and no big deal.

  • Whether serious or kidding, [email protected]:48’s rant/rave is fantastic.

  • Rant: Ruined my favorite pants ever. Let it be a lesson: Dishwashing detergent will bleach your pants.

    Revel: Scored a pretty sweet, shady, free couch after 7 horrible couchless months.

  • Rant: USPS also removed the mailbox on 3rd and Varnum – grrr. They took it away once before but then replaced it. I think it is gone forever now.

    Rave: We have a nice USPS delivery man, who takes items to mail.

  • Went on another date with a guy I met right before Christmas and it’s refeshing to meet a nice, normal guy who didn’t immediately begin leering/attempting to paw at me at the end of the date!

  • Rant. Moroni Brothers are friggin geographically challenged! They deliver to Park View and they will not deliver to my house on the unit block of Crittenden, NE, which is closer. AHHHHGGG! I love that place!!! I HATE that place!!!!

  • anon 3:46. my girlffriend does this to me weekly. she never apologizes and sometimes i wonder if the thought crosses her mind even. in the end she chooses to just make like it never happened. which is ok I guess. but your rant makes me think there is hope that it occurs to her she should apologize but in the end just doesnt know how to go about it. thanks

  • Rave: Love the lineup for the Inaugural concert!

    Rant: If will.i.am doesn’t do the “Yes We Can” song I will be very disappointed

  • Rave: For a cold Monday, the comments on this post are amazingly positive. Thanks for the uplift!

  • rave: i had anan amazing weekend with my boston boyfriend

    rave2: we saw the obama family at the lincoln monument on saturday night! they were 10 feet away from us at one point, then they smiled and waved as they were leaving..pretty cool!

    rant: boston boyfriend is back in boston now 🙁

  • Rant: I met Mo Willems today, and he was kind of a butt. 🙁

  • I met the most gorgeous guy a couple months back in this neigborhood… he showed me his I.D. because he has such a strange last name, Shussett. Unfortunately, I ran off with my friends in a state of inebriation and never exchanged numbers. He probably wouldn’t remember me, so why do I remember him?

  • rave: excited for long weekend, and obama

    rant: no plans for monday night celebrations yet.. any suggestions?

  • Hopeless Romantic: Because I like a good hopeless romance, but I like a good ending better, I just did a quick search and I think the fella you are referencing has actually written a piece for PoP before… Just google the name and dc…

  • Vonstallin

    anonromantic Says:
    January 12th, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    Hopeless Romantic: Because I like a good hopeless romance, but I like a good ending better,

    I’m just looking for the Happy Ending…. :\

  • Roamed around Bloomingdale. Nice gem of a neighborhood. Thinking about buying a house.

  • Rave- I was just called and asked if I could schedule a second interview for a job (out of DC).. I hope, I hope…..

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