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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?  Is it brutal being back at work?  Two more weeks to another long weekend…

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  • Ugh…I accidentally left my wallet at the self check-out line at Harris Teeter in ADMO on Sunday. Less than 8 hours later, there were almost $1,000 in fraudulent charges on it from stores 200 miles away in VA, practically in NC.

  • I’ve been out of town for the better part of two weeks. Despite being in Italy and now San Francisco, I really just can’t wait to sleep in my own bed and hang out with my pals in Columbia Heights.

  • I am happy to learn today that the Presidential Inaugural Committee is adding a first ever official Neighborhood Inaugural Ball with some tickets set aside for DC residents.


  • I just saw an accident on 16th Street. A car was passing another on the right of three lanes near east/west highway when the guy on the right started drifting into his lane. He honked and sped up and got crashed into. While it was definitely the fault of the guy on the left, why didn’t the other guy just slam on his brakes,= instead of speeding up, which is always my instinct when some dumbass starts moving into your lane? It’s better to be not in a crash at all, than to be right…

  • Rave: Ben’s Next Door is open! I have a part-time job, no longer completely unemployed!

    Rant: Part-time job leaves me working at home, which feels terribly claustrophobic and lonely.

  • I didn’t know whether to expect my students to be sullen and pissy today or off the chain. Thankfully, they’re just chatty and, for the most part, happy to be back. Too bad hardly any of them completed the homework from break…

  • ive been laughing in the face of colds and ailments for a while now, feeling unvulnerable… one week of drinking, smoking, fast food and little sleep has ruined it all!

  • Rant: Having to take down the tree and lights, marking the end of the holidays.

    Rave: Only 4 more days until my first kid’s due date!!!

  • hey u street girl, i have a bunch of personal days. I could take off work to keep you from being lonely during the day. 🙂

  • Vonstallin

    My ex boo called me from the subway at 2:30am saturday night. I pick her up and showed her all the work i had done to castle vonstallin then took her home. It was a late night surprise and refreshing just talking and overlooking the quiet city at night. I woke up the next day in a good mood.

    Went to a crackpot old Doctor Friday. He told me i don’t produce enuff Testosterone 🙁

    Life is hard…i don’t have the balls for this sh*t….
    DOH !
    I guess I actualy dont… 🙁

  • Rant: After a nice break during the holidays, I’m back in the office. 🙁

  • Rave: the nanny came back to work today after two weeks off, and the baby was THRILLED to see her!

  • Rant: What is with credit card minimums at restuarants?! So I’m cheap… so what! At least I’m going out at all in tough times like these. I go to Tonic the other day and order a happy hour burger and a drink. I give the waitress my card to pay and she says she can’t take my card because my bill isn’t over $10. What!?!?! First, this has never happened to me there before and I go quite often. Second, wtf?! Restuarants really aren’t saving hardly any money in credit card fees by doing this, its technically not legally enforceable, it just pisses people off and is poor customer service. I love Tonic, seriously. But that was crappy.

  • Bummed that I don’t have tickets to the Inauguration parade or knowledge of any fun parties. And Andrew Bird is sold out. Grrrr…

  • Rant: It is illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk south of Mass. Ave….stay off the damn sidewalk…and while I’m at it, even if you are riding on a sidewalk in an area where it’s permitted, whizzing up behind and subsequently past a pedestrian who is walking on the sidewalk so close the pedestrian feels a breeze is NOT COOL…..and I don’t wear headphones so I at least have a minimal warning, heaven help those who earphones stuck in their ears.

  • Why do the cops know about the drug dealing on 4th & Delafield and nothing gets done?

  • Re: credit card minimums. Proprietors who insist on minimums are not only in breach of their contract with the credit card provider (no card provider would do business with people who impose such restrictions), but they are in violation of the law in many jurisdictions (I imagine it is against the law in Washington, but local laws here are occasionally different than the norm). Inform a manager that such behavior isn’t allowed; write to your card provider and complain — they do actively follow up on these rules.

    And, of course, don’t patronize the business that treat their customers as poorly as that. They should seek to earn your money.

  • Re: bikes on sidewalks – I hate it when I see people riding their bikes on sidewalks downtown. One time I saw a woman riding her bike thru traffic and onto a sidewalk at 17th and L NW, and she was yelling at pedestrians on the sidewalk to get out of the way. I really felt like stretching out an arm and giving her the ol’ clothesline. ANother time there was some guy on a bike on the sidewalk cursing at pedestrians to move. Another pedestrian spoke up and told him to get off the damn sidewalk.

    Re: credit card fees. As CP has pointed out, credit card minimums violate credit card company policies. If they try to pull that minimum crap on you, ask to speak to the manager, and let him/her know you’ll be contacting the credit card company and lodging a complaint. Maybe if you spend, say, $8 at a bar and they say the minimum CC charge is $10, tell them you have no cash, nor an ATM card, and offer to pay with CC or not at all. Anyone know if D.C. has a consumer protection law that prohibits establishments from pulling that minimum CC charge business?

  • PoP should do a feature on why certain businesses don’t even accept credit cards, specifically taxi cabs.

  • I found out today that student of mine died over the holidays. He was 10. RANNNNNNNNNT to this f*ed up world.

  • Speaking of quality of life, check out Jonah Lehrer’s How the City Hurts Your Brain. Wowser!

  • Rave: I used to think I was old when I decided I could not go out late night on the weeknights anymore, but I’m realizing now its completely not true!!! Some of my best nights recently have been late night work nights 😉

    Rant: Icy weather, Snow (now that it doesn’t cancel anything for me), Cold Wind and Cold Rain!!!

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