Pedestrian Struck in Chinatown

Ped struck china town, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

From a reader:

“A pedestrian was hit at 7th an H by a car going through a red light (I believe).”

Was anyone in Chinatown Sunday afternoon when this happened? Have you noticed that cars go through red lights all the time at that intersection? I hope they enforce that a bit better now.

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  • We saw this today when it happened. Any word on how the pedestrian was doing? The cops on scene said it didn’t look so good for him.

  • Jesus, I walk through that intersection all the time. Hope they catch the guy who hit him.

  • Can’t say I’m surprised. I used to live a couple blocks away and walk through that intersection multiple times day. You really have to stay aware. Cars routinely run the lights at the intersection; add in buses that block the curb lanes and obscure the views for both pedestrians and drivers and add in a healthy number of jaywalkers and its just a matter of when, not if, someone gets hit. If there was ever an intersection in need of a dedicated traffic cop this would be it.

  • This, too, is a dangerous intersection. I saw a woman driver on a cell phone nearly clean the clock of another woman on a phone last week. Neither batted an eye….
    Has anyone ever seen the film “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”?

  • At that intersection? How about just about any intersection in the city. It’s not just cars either.
    I remember when I used to work downtown, I would always wait a few extra moments when crossing K at 17th St, because metro buses would always blow through the light.

  • According to the Examiner the guy is in the hospital in “serious condition”.
    I looked up after hearing the thud. The victim was in the air. The car may have been speeding through the yellow and the guy maybe crossing before the walk signal started.
    I understand speeding on the highway for a 3+ hour trip when you can actually save some time but not in the middle of a city.

  • There’s a crackhead who wears a clown wig and directs traffic there from time to time. No lie. Things are good when he’s there. Sometimes the police watch him and giggle.

    Note there were also two armed robberies in that immediate area on Friday and Saturday. So, it is indeed a hot spot. Its funny to watch tourists there, freaked out of their heads. Funny in the sad DC is a shithole sort of way.

  • Was walking down to Nando’s for a bite with my girlfriend and saw the aftermath. I thought it was an auto on auto collision until my girlfriend pointed out that there was only one car at the scene and that the only visible damage was its crushed windshield. I hope all that fluid in the middle of the intersection wasn’t blood…there was a hell of a lot of it.

    I hate the traffic situation in this city. I’d blame the drivers but really what it comes down to is a complete lack of enforcement by MPD. Everyone here rolls through stop signs and yellows because they never get as much as a slap on the wrist.

  • Yes, this is a very, very dangerous intersection. not so much because of the way it was designed, but because it’s a notorious location for red-light-running assholes. Including Metrobus drivers.

  • After a week away from DC, my first experience driving led me to conclude that folks here are both incompetent AND inconsiderate. everyone seems to have a “me first” mentality and MPD doesn’t do shit to enforce rules of courtesy and safety.

    plus, the street lights here contribute to the problem. they should simply time them for 25 mph, for example, rather than setting them at random so that you have to speed to catch the next green.

  • And there was just another robbery, moments ago, about a block north of this intersection. Hot stuff indeed.

    I believe this is CM Tommy Well’s area. Blast him with criticism if you can…

  • Oregonian – My experience visiting Portland earlier this year was like stepping into the twilight zone. Cars stopping at stop signs and traffic lights? Yielding to us pedestrians even when we mistakenly crossed the street at the wrong time?

    You hit the nail on the head. Its a culture of “me first” here, and combined with a total lack of enforcement, its a recipe for pedestrian injuries and deaths.

  • I have been there for multiple collisions, but never actually seen any of them. Hearing them though is a different matter. All sound like a wet, sick sort of crunch/thud combo. One time the lady left her shoes on the road.
    That is an insane intersection they should have a full time traffic officer with a cop standing by to issue tickets when people start to blatantly disregard them which should only take like 20 mins. At least they need to put up a red light camera cause the city will make bank off that one.

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