Park Place Development Watch (Above Petworth Metro)


Well, it’s been a month since the last update and it seems to be coming along very nicely. I was most struck but the silver things up top. Do you think these are just for style or function or both? Do you like they way they look?


Towards the back of the building you can see there has been some progress on the tower type structures that are getting a white trim.


So you digging the look? I haven’t heard anymore updates on whether or not it will be rental or condo nor have I heard more retail news besides Gillian Clark’s new restaurant. I’ll keep you updated as news develops but if you guys hear anything be sure to let me know!

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  • Vonstallin

    I love the silver thorns sticking up. its blending in pretty good. Can’t wait until its done and filled with stores.

  • totally diggin’ those funky ornamental “V”s – I they are lit up at night, no? very sharp. The entire building is quite handsome and adds much aesthetic value to the area. I am surprised POP didn’t note that trees have finally been planted in the green median strips on New Hampshire near the Metro – nice! I hope they continue the plan to plant trees along the entire NH corridor from the triangle park near Sherman up to Grant Circle. Anyone know if this will actually take place?

  • The silver ornaments look like giant pigeons-go-away-and-poop-somewhere-else thingies..

    Anway, can’t wait it to open and retail to start moving in.

  • Looks like the silver things will have a roof or shade attached to it. I assume this building will have a rooftop courtyard.

    Personally I don’t like them. They are too close to the edge of the building, their shininess conflicts with the other materials of the facade. If they are indeed supports for a shade structure, then the completed structure might be better. But for now, ugh, it was better without them.

  • the shiny V’s are the the first stage of the roof-top shade structure. no worries, everyone, they aren’t finished. According to the rendering, they will even be painted to match the existing color scheme:

  • That link above still lists Park Place as ‘condos’, so maybe they think they can make a go of it?

  • I think it’s looking awesome. Construction still seems to be moving fast, so maybe they aren’t as bad off as 99.9% of developers right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that the retail materializes before Magrathea is open for business again.

  • Odd; that rendering on the website doesn’t show any loiterers, drunks, crackheads, or muggers. Wonder where they’ll go.

  • CP- The Ellington Condos got in a lot of shit actually for rendering a U Street that was lilly white. They actually went as far as to render in people. not one of which was any other ethnicity than white. they were pushing strollers. drinking coffee. talking on their cell phones. of course things are almost there in that regard on U Street but back then when they were getting ready to break ground…

  • I find it very amusing to read this article and the questions posed within it only days after I had the same discussion with a good friend who is also an amazing designer. I’m a contractor that has lived in Petworth for the last eight years and I’ve watched the development of this project from day one. On Monday my friend, Mick Mier, and I were driving by the building when both of us caught an eye full of these horrific V’s that you speak of. Our own words were: “What are they?” And “why would they top a decent looking building with such hideous gaud?”
    With my contracting background I tend to lean toward the side of function and while we drove by all I could think about was “what is there purpose?” There must be a purpose for those architecturally flawed V’s, but what the hell is it? Mick leans toward the fact that many architects just can’t pull design concepts together into a good looking structure. He just thinks there down right ugly and they probably have no purpose except to grab attention, no matter good or bad.
    Unfortunately I’ve driven by the building two more times since our discussion and I’m starting to lean towards Mick’s thinking. I don’t expect anything to hide there gaudiness and I don’t think they really have much of a purpose. Maybe there intention was to keep you looking up long enough to drive by the old storefronts on the opposite side of the street? Or hopefully DG-Rad, one of your earlier posts, knows what he’s talking about and we have nothing to worry over. I just hope they get finished before the reflection causes a massive accident at Georgia and New Hampshire. One way or another I’m keeping my eyes on the road until they reach a higher level of completion.

  • You just have to go to the website to see exactly what it’s going to look like. There’s no mystery here.

  • I’d say they’re magic fingers

  • After looking at the rendering, they are DEFINITELY too close to the edge of the building. Those would be great set back about 8 or 10 feet. Currently the building has 3 competing roof lines.

    As for the rest of the building, I really do like the fact that it has so much depth and relief. Depth in facades is something that you don’t see too often anymore. But when you look at the shadows and drama of the deep arches and window bays on some older downtown buildings you realize just how important it is.

  • It seems from that article as if she’s opening more than one restaurant. Pretty ambitious. I can’t wait to try the Petworth one when it opens.

  • What are the proposed rents? What price would get the people to consider renting there?

  • So it’s definitely for real and for true going to be rentals and not condos?

  • I’ve been lusting after Park Place since early construction and my heart died a little bit when I found out that they were to be 300K+ Condos. Sooo waayyy out of my price range! Ever the optimist, I thought maybe I could get a part-time concierge gig there to help me kick old Sallie Mae to the curb before I hit the big 30 in a few years. So like a lot of people around here, I’ve been stalking the place on my daily commute to work and every few weeks online. A couple of weeks ago the language on the website changed from luxury condos to luxury apartments. Of course, I signed up for the preview list immediately! Over the last week or so, they’ve hung a new sign (facing New Hampshire Ave) announcing leasing in June (apartment hunting, so many dates in my head, can’t remember for sure). I pissed off the person trying to get through the light behind me at New Hampshire and Georgia Ave as I drove slowly while trying to memorize the number. For now, that number only leads to a recording stating that pre-leasing will begin this spring and that the property will be professionally managed by Bozzuto Management. Like Nate, I’m curious about what the rents are going to be. However, if Bozzuto’s other properties in DC are any indication; you can bet the rents at Park place will start in the $1,500 range. They manage The Ellington on U street, Highland Park, The Newseum as well as other mid-range (for NE/NW anyway) and high end properties. Let’s hope I can catch a special as they try to fill the 155 units quickly. They should have a few good specials since our immediate are is not as well developed as U Street or Columbia Heights. Like I said, been stalking the place a little bit, and since I check out the site every week or so as I apartment hunt, I will keep you all posted if there is any change in information.

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