Old Christian Bookstore On 14th Street Close To Finished


A reader would like to know if there are any updates on this space adjacent to the new Allegro project on Meridian and 14th Street:

“It is on the meridian side of the development. It’s several stories with large glass windows and looks nice. A commenter on the 12/18 Allegro posting said that a construction worker said it was going to be a restaurant.”

I did notice that it looks nearly completed but I’m not sure what’s slated to go in. Does anyone know if it’ll be a restaurant? If so what kind?

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  • address is 3466 14th Street – crazy how they tore off half the building.

  • looks a little odd to be a restaurant. looks more like a charter school or offices. my vote is for a brewery. any dc craft brewers want to take me up on that. ill be your best customer

  • Not sure what it is going to be but it does have a liquor license application posted outside. This is very exciting to me as I live on that block.

  • A Hoss Seafood and Steak House would be nice here, this chain is from Pennsylvania, one can be seen near Raystown Lake in PA, try it.

  • Well, let’s hope its indeed a food restaurant or at the very least a brewery type of a pub. I am afraid it will be a “clubby” thing with more drunk students etc. (yeah, I am just old and jealous).

  • where are “old christians” supposed to buy their bibles now???

  • wow, [email protected]:13pm – I thought I was the only white trash person in DC from central PA! Didn’t even know Hoss’s was still around! Do you still hunt?

  • In Huntingdon, people still smile in response to [email protected];47, I was there a year ago when I visited my roots near there for Hartslog Day, I’m not a hunter, but like to go walking, while I’m on topic, grubbs Diner sits on a flatbed at a motel on US 22.

  • I continue to agitate for an Original Pancake House in the area. That place would do killer business around here and there are far too few decent places to get an early brunch breakfast. That space would be perfect for it (alas, an alcohol license rules it out …).

  • I think it’s going to be another Ruby Tuesday’s. YAY!!!

  • Dare to dream — if it’s going to be a restaurant, the architecture looks just a little bit like Lauriol Plaza. Still, my cynical money is on something that will close down in about 14 months.

    In any case, good riddance to the old run-down, boarded-up store. I hope whoever paid for this renovation has the capitalist gods smiling on him/her and makes out like a bandit.

  • I live on the block as well. The developer said its gonna be an american style restaurant, that was back in the fall. They have been digging up the street for utility work the last week.

  • When will it be open, does anyone know?

  • Dear Santa, please _no_ Lauriol Plaza II, please!

  • If another Mexican restaurant moves into the neighborhood I will shoot myself! Please be a restaurant that isn’t just burgers or tacos.

  • I live in the neighborhood, and heard from a reliable friend that it is going to be a restaurant opened by some guys who are big in the food scene or something.

  • I sure hope it is not another chain. I am so sick of terrible food and the same old corporate menus full of the same mediocre when even edible food. The neighborhood really needs a local’s spot. I just hope these people come up with something unique and comfortable.

  • Some new details. Sounds fairly promising (especially the description at the end).


  • Prince Of Petworth

    From IHeartShaw who was having some technical difficulties posting:

    “So last night I was at this Inauguration kick-off thing at the Wonderland and I ran into this guy who kept saying “14th & Meridian”… One thing led to another and I found out that he is the owner of Social the RESTAURANT that is going into the old bookstore, and yes it is small plates-yummy. I saw this post a couple of days ago and I couldn’t believe it. Yay for the neighborhood.”

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