Nice, Another Sweet Fire box Conversion

DSCN5763, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve captured tons from Mt. Pleasant and a few from Kalorama. So I was pysched to see there are still more to be found. This one is from near Eastern Market.


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  • I did a double take at the one on 5th and Hamilton the other day — recently coated in gold.

  • Glad you got this one up. I don’t have a digital camera so when I saw it the first time and wanted to send you a picture I was irked that I couldn’t.

  • PoP, why have you been in my ‘hood so much lately?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    On the weekends. I generally hit a number of different neighborhoods. So you’ll always find a mix of neighborhoods but this Friday I was able to hit Cap. Hill. Sometimes you’ll see a focus on G-town, Mt.P, Shaw, Chinatown, etc it just depends where my walks take me.

  • More call bronzes will be going up on Capitol Hill in the next year or so, if things proceed as planned. Thanks for the good comments. Take a look at the call box at 1st & D street SE, in front of Tortilla Coast by the Metro station. My father designed this one, and he grew up in a house that was 1 block away from the call box.

    Regards, W

  • My friend Will did this callbox. He’s a 9th generation native Washingtonian, Capitol Hill resident, and professional sculptor/engraver/painter. He wanted to do a callbox dedicated to the great architectural work of his fellow German-American Washingtonian, Adolph Cluss….probably our greatest home grown architect.

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