New York Times Focuses on DC Restaurants: “Chefs Settle Down in ‘the Real D.C.’”

The New York Times just published an article called Chefs Settle Down in ‘the Real D.C.’. They focus on Petworth, Columbia Heights, U Street and H Street, NE. They say:

“In Petworth, Columbia Heights, the U Street district and even the dicier parts of North Capital Hill, a little restaurant revival is under way. Washington neighborhoods that for years were considered too dangerous or too poor for a viable sit-down restaurant are suddenly entertaining quite a few.”

You can read the full article here.

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  • mad props! maybe we’ll see the obama’s at sweet mango!

  • PoP forgot to mention he’s in the article

    Neighbors, who have watched the open-air drug and prostitute markets go away and home values rise, are looking forward to the development, said Dan Silverman, who writes a blog called the Prince of Petworth. “For sure people are excited because for many years in this neighborhood and Columbia Heights there were not options except take-out Chinese,” he said.

  • Wow, POP in the NYTimes. Very impressive, congrats!

  • Congratulations to PoP for getting a mention in the New York Times. Too bad that the nation’s most distinguished newspaper provided the mention in an article more riddled with inaccuracies. (This blog appears to have far better fact checking!) I tallied at least six factual errors in the article. The biggest whopper was when the writer put CakeLove in the “U Street” district, but located Love Cafe — directly across U Street — in “Dupont Circle.”

  • Vonstallin

    I love the light shed on my lil neck of the woods.
    The PHO resturant is what im really excited about and the Ruby Tuesday.

  • Great exposure…I’m hungry.

  • Oh my gosh, they really did spell “Capitol Hill” as “Capital Hill” on first reference, and have yet to correct it. Good copyediting, NYT!

  • You totally win. I think this may officially make you a baller.

  • i just realized that Gillian Clark’s restuarant is gonna be in the new condo development at the metro…unless this is another error

    Ms. Clark plans to open Georgia Street Meeting House in her working-class neighborhood in Northwest Washington. The menu will be unabashedly Southern, in the style of the late Edna Lewis, with lard pie crusts and whole roast pigs at formal Sunday suppers….

    At the neighborhood’s main intersection, the smell of grilling jerk chicken from Sweet Mango drifted over to the construction site that will be home to her Georgia Street Meeting House, a 4,000-square-foot restaurant she hopes to have open by late fall. Condos are being built on the top floors of the development, which will also house a new Metro entrance.

  • God… down in Bloomingdale we’d be happy just to have a Subway open up…

  • I dare anyone to take in the smells of sweet mango cafe and not immediately eat there

  • Yeah I hate it when the NYTimes writes about DC, their articles are always full of errors. (makes you wonder about the other articles you read whose topics you don’t know as much about). And I love how Gillian Clark calls H street a post-racial Georgetown, WTF?

    But still, very exciting.

  • Ann Cashion called H street “post racial”, not Gillian Clark.

  • And Ann Cashion lives in Mt Pleasant, not Columbia Heights

  • really? why cant ann open a place ON MTP street!!!!

  • Re: Anonymous (9:29am)

    How often do new places open on Mt. P street? I love that I live in Mt. Pleasant, but I wish the businesses that seek to occupy it would face less hurdles in the form of “voluntary” agreements and such.

  • Mistler- I feel you. I was kicked off the Mount Pleasant List Serve for telling Laurie Collins to go blow. one crabby old bag has ruined that corridor for all its residents… but its a great neighborhood and a great location so one day it will blossom despite her and her luddite buddies efforts.

  • The opposition you see to Laurie Collins (a cleveland park resident) on the MTP Forum is only a fraction of what exists. seeing as how. SHE RUNS THE FORUM!!! corrupt indeed. she boots a lot of people. also deletes comments.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Don’t you find it slightly ironic that this NYT article features DC neighborhoods where you still CANNOT find a copy of the NYT even if your life depended on it????

    I want my T Magazine MEN’s SPRING FASHION ISSUE AND I WANT IT NAO!!!1!


  • Maybe also worth noting – maybe PoP or someone else can verify. Rock, formerly the winner of Hell’s Kitchen TV show, has some kind of hand in Next Door (next to Ben’s). My buddy is a friend of the family and went to a soft openning there and met Rock. Either he’s the chef there or he’s just a consultant, but either way it’s cool that DC is attracting up and coming culinary talent.

  • Congrats on the NYT mention Dan…big time!

  • apologies… I hadn’t had my morning cup of coffee when I wrote that comment.

    Bryan: Rock from Hell’s Kitchen is the chef at Ben’s Next Door.

  • Great article, and I add my congrats PoP. Its good to see Sweet Mango Cafe getting the props it deserves!!!

  • BTW. Wtf is ‘post-racial’?

  • Ada – the term refers to a world where race is no longer important. A lot of people have been calling the US a post-racial society after Obama’s win.

    Here’s an oped piece from the LA Times about it:,0,6553798.story

  • Bryan and U Street Girl: I went to the soft opening at next door, and the front house manager seemed to think that the chef wouldn’t be staying too long at the restaurant. I guess that makes sense, now that I know he is famous. He made the most well-prepared scallops I’ve ever had, for what its worth.

  • RD – You know it smells good when at 8am on a weekday on the way to the metro you feel the urge to walk over and have a full jerk chicken meal. Seriously…

    Quincy Street Neighbor – You can totally get the NYT at Columbia Heights Coffee. Promise.

    Ada and U Street Girl – Tracy Morgan is actually the face of Post Racial America – (sorry I couldn’t find a better video… )

    Congrats to Dan on the mention in the NYT, and though there were some inaccuracies in the article, over all it was positive! So many great restaurants for us all…

  • Interesting K North of U, when I went there for the soft opening a few weeks ago I didn’t hear that. But I wasn’t exactly psyched he had come on board anyway, so we’ll see I guess.

  • Really looking forward to geting off at the Petworth metro in order to pick up dinner… instead of getting off at CH to pick up groceries or CVS. Nice to see our group in the Times!

  • Interesting that rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods are classified as the “real” DC… clearly that article was talking about Washington, not the District of Columbia…. or perhaps the overlooking of the other three quadrants in DC (save airy mention) was more poor reporting/editing on the NYT’s part…

    And JM–some Bloomingdale residents are thrilled to be without Subways, Targets, and Starbucks, thank you very much!

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