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  • LOL, I’d LOVE to live there, just so I could tell people what my building was called!!!

    If only our lease didn’t have 11 more months…

  • There is a Duddington Pl. SE; “The Dent Condos” in Georgetown sounds funny enough, but still, to me “IRVING” reigns. There’s also the place on 13th with the arched glass transom and its stencil-painted “NO TRESPASSING”.

  • The name is not so off the wall; a mansion named Duddington and its grounds took up much of current day Capitol Hill (and is commemorated by the street name mentioned in the prior post). And it’s better than a building on T St. in which I once lived — “The Trenton” — named after the noted New Jersey urban paradise.

  • I was curious, so I looked up the history (of the Hill mansion), which is quite interesting:

  • Thats my street! I didn’t even realize that building had a name…

  • Vonstallin

    yea man…Oh its the Dud building on Lame street….Yawn…
    (Urbanized short hand name) lol

  • I’ve always thought The Leumass (at the intersection of Vermont, Q, and 12th NW) could use a new name…then again, it makes me chuckle, so maybe they should leave well enough alone…

  • The name Duddington is for an estate on Capitol Hill then named Jenkins Hill when the L’Enfant plan for Washington City was drafted, a Daniel Carroll was compelled to relocate as the house he was building lay in the path of a street on the Hill by none other than George Washington and Carroll rebuilt nearby a house known as Duddington Manor, for more on this check out James Goode’s Capital Losses, now in its second printing.

  • It looks like there are 34 units in this building.



  • “Silverman” might be a worse name for a building

  • Actually most older buildings have names of some sort. They all aren’t predominantely displayed (or at all), but if you do some digging you can find them.

  • I think the worst name for an apartment complex is “The Cloisters” at 100 Michigan Ave NE near Franklin St. I imagine that’s what it feels like to live there, and I laugh every time I come back from Home Depot.

  • I think the worst name for a building is the Trou De Merde, also known as “The Shit Hole”. That’s what I call my house.

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