New Forum Topic and Some Reader Questions

Where can one buy a roasted duck?

And another food question that you can answer in the comments section here:

“Any idea where I can buy some paneer for Indian dishes? For that matter, any idea where I can find a good place to buy ingredients for homemade Indian food?”

Finally a reader would like some jogging route suggestions:

“I am planning to stay at my friend’s place in Petworth for the inauguration. I am therefore wondering if you know of any good jogging/walking routes nearby? My friend’s place is along 14th Street NW but just north of Columbia Heights.”

I’d suggest running over to 16th Street and going south to U Street then go east to 13th Street then go north on 13th to where your friend lives. Anyone have some favorite jogging routes?

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  • Jogging thru Rock Creek Church cemetery is delightful, as is running along Rock Creek Church Road next to the Old Soldier’s Home. I need to start again soon! ha!

  • 16th street entrance to Rock Creek park.

  • I believe they sell paneer at Trader Joe’s. Dunno – been a while since I’ve needed to look in their cheese section.

  • For Indian ingredients, I make the slog up to Takoma Park to a dumpy looking place called Sadana – 1350 Holton Lane. It is just off of New Hampshire Ave. The prices are good and the staff is friendly.

  • An available treadmill. It is going to be ass cold this weekend.

  • It’s going to be cold as hell, but…

    I do not recommend that hill down to U street. It’s pretty bad on the knees going down and a bitch to get back up. I have several routes that I’ve used, depending on how long.

    The longer: Up 14th to Spring, Right on Spring to Kansas. Up Kansas to Georgia. Up Georgia to Piney Branch (sharp left turn), then down 13th to Colorado to 14th, then back down 14th (or I stay on 13th sometimes, I switch off to keep it interesting). This is about 5-6 miles.

    The shorter: Again, up 14th to Spring (not knowing where on 14th you’re starting from, so using it as a reference). Down 11th to Clifton. Take the right up the hill (gets you a good hill in without it being murderous). 13th back up to whichever cross street you started from. Should be almost 2 miles.

  • Giant also carries Paneer in the frozen section. You can buy it cubed or in a block.

  • 14th to Arkansas, Arkansas to Piney Branch and into the park. Then just follow the trail.

  • panner is actually pretty easy to make, so you could do that.

    but if you have to buy it, there are a few great grocery stores in langley park.
    one good one is behind woodlands

    another is on holton just east of new hampshire.

    you could prolly get it at one of the shops at the capitol city market, though i couldnt say for sure.

  • to be more specific:

    Bombay Sweets
    1401 University Blvd.
    Langley Park, MD 20783

    Subzi Mandi
    8044 New Hampshire Ave.
    Langley Park, MD 20783

    India Foods Warehouse
    1355 Holton Ln
    Langley Park, MD 20903

    Indian Groceries
    1812 University Blvd.
    Langley Park, MD 20783

    Patel Brothers
    2080 University Blvd.
    Langley Park, MD 20783

  • Down the hill on 13th to U and back up 11th. Running up 13th at the end of a run is not fun.

  • Entering the Park from Arkansas, you have to run in the street for a while before you can connect to the trail. Not the safest thing.

  • Whole Foods on P Street also stocks paneer in their cheese section.

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