New Boutique Opens Up In Adams Morgan


This one’s for the ladies. ZiZi Boutique is located at 2409 18th Street, NW. The boutique opened up about a month and a half ago and was recently featured in the Express though I couldn’t find it in their on line archives. I spoke with owner, Maimuna Burnette (pictured above) who co-owns the boutique with Janneta Daniels. The spot has a very nice open layout. It’s nice to see a place like this mixed into all the restaurants and bars. It kinda had the feel of some of the boutiques located on U Street. So if you’re looking for a locally owned boutique with some unique styles be sure to check them out.


A couple more photos after the jump.



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  • I’m loading my crackpipe as I type. Shops like this are closing down nationwide at an alarming rate. Good luck.

  • It looks amazing, and I like the clothes, but it also looks quite expensive. I’m sorry, I just can’t afford to spend $175 on a shirt.

  • Vonstallin

    GOD !!!
    I love those wood floors……
    i wonder what the retail rent is like in Adams.

  • I’ve actually been to this story and it’s really not expensive! I got a super cute top for $40!

  • ZiZi Boutique’s is very affordable! Our price range is $39.99-$200. We even have dresses for $39.99.

  • It’s wonderful and will be stopping by to have you charge my tab, lol… j/k, everything looks great, organized and very professional. KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB!!!

  • Nice scarf. Is it for sale in the store?

  • I live in Louisville, Kentucky and am a big fan of Zizi. I have been wearing their hot styles before the store even opened, which is for about a year and a half now. Everytime I wear something from Zizi’s I get compliments — no lie. It never fails. Check it out.

  • ZiZi style keeps an eye on the trends but follows it’s own ebb and flow that’s highly unique and refreshing…very necessary at a time where individuality counts for everything.

  • Zizi Boutique has all the glamour and allure of an expensive venue without the inflated prices. I have yet to come across another botique with as much energy, style, individuality and affordability as Zizi B. Ladies reading this, ask what they can do for your attire to a special event…I’ll bet no one else will be wearing your same dress.

  • I happened to come across this boutique when I was visiting Adams Morgan on black friday and I walked out of their with 2 cute shirts with the ruffles. The prices in the store are very reasonable. Exclusive boutique without the high prices.

  • PoP, have you ever profiled Zagodi boutique near Moroni’s?

  • That scarf is not available right now.

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