Nevin Kelly Gallery Opens Up In Columbia Heights


As mentioned a few weeks ago, the Nevin Kelly gallery has moved into the Highland Park apartment building at 1400 Irving Street, NW, #132. They had an opening last Saturday that I checked out. At first it’s a bit odd because the gallery is in a converted apartment. So there’s a kitchen and living room etc. But the key here is the art itself. And one of the benefits of being in this unit is that there are two levels so there’s plenty of wall space to exhibit the pieces. And Nevin (pictured above) really has some cool stuff. Another great thing about this opening was that I bumped into local blogger Mr. T in DC (pictured below) who was a super nice guy.


Like I said before, I think it’s super cool that Columbia Heights has attracted an art gallery of this caliber. Check out some more art after the jump.





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  • That looks awesome! Can you believe it? Art in Columbia Heights?

    Mr T, you look very much in place in your all black ensemble.

  • I will have to check out that gallery… It looks pretty awesome! Must be a really big place.

  • It was great to meet you too, PoP! I haven’t been blogging much lately, going through a busy period in life, but hopefully will get going again (and have continued to post stuff on Flickr). I hope the gallery thrives here in Columbia Heights.

  • nice but I feel like they should have opened at least for now in one of the vacant places. I dont think saki club is moving in anytime soon from the looks of things… even if they moved into one of the units eventually it would have been good exposure innitially. how will people know they are there?

  • Is this building renting out vacant apartments on all floors as retail/commercial space?

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