Neat Neighborhood Gem – Goethe Institut


Here’s another post for PabloMa. I’ve actually only been here once to watch a cool film on the national soccer team of Lichtenstein. The Goethe Institut is located at 812 Seventh Street, NW in Chinatown. It seems like they’re often hosting pretty neat events. I’m a little late on this one but they’ve been hosting a film festival called Film/Neu:

“Washington’s 17th annual festival of the newest in German, Austrian, and Swiss filmmaking brings a weeklong program of diverse films and special events to E Street Cinema and the Goethe-Institut January 23-29, 2009.”

Sadly tomorrow’s the last day but I’ll keep my eyes peeled and post future events.

Did anyone catch any films from this recent festival?

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  • When do they screen “Triumph of the Will”?

  • I’ve seen some extremely bizarre films at the Goatse Institut. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • ron: that’s bad form, stealing monkey‘s jokes like that.

  • Neighborhood find? I live in Petworth, not Chinatown or whatever they’re calling that area now, Penn Quarter or whatever.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Toby, my friend. You know I just like alliteration. Plus Chinatown/Penn Quarter is indeed a neighborhood even if it’s not yours…

  • Heard of it, but never been… sounds like a gem indeed.

    (Weirdly, “Lichtenstein” was an answer on Jeopardy about 2 minutes ago.)

  • Maybe this is a stupid question, but why does everyone keep saying Chinatown is Penn Quarter? Isn’t Penn Quarter its own stop and area, one stop below …National Archives/Penn Quarter. While Gallery Place/Chinatown is another? Wouldn’t this be like saying Petworth is Columbia Heights, no?

  • Gtown may be a “neat neighborhood” too, but I don’t live there! Let’s call this one a “green line destination”

  • Who gives a crud what neighborhood it is? POP is in love where “EVERYTHING” DC. Kudos to him to branch out and discuss things that are less “petworthy” to readers. UH oh. I just know I might have created a new term for this blog. Petworthian, petworthful??

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