Mural of the Day

DSCN5699, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Even though I call this mural of the day, it is really rare for me to find so many sweet murals over one weekend. Upshur Park, by the by, has a swimming pool that I’m most definitely going to have to check out when it gets warmer.


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  • That’s pretty cool. I dig the effect of the lettering revealing the mural.

  • Eh, I wouldn’t be quite so excited about the pool. It’s usually crowded, and the “deep” end is only 4’8″.

  • Vonstallin

    I took up swimming lessons with my cousin back in the lat 70’s/early 80’s there. I love the mural I just hope it dont get tag with graffiti overtop of it.

    We use to be so graffiti free back in the days, but its starting to show up more and more now.

    Nice work…

  • This is the final blurring of the line between graffiti and legitimate art! If that identical “mural” said someone’s tag name instead of “Upshur Park” wouldn’t there be someone clamoring to have it removed?

    I like it, and I also like well done graffiti, just making an observation…

  • is this on 14th St? if so, what’s the cross street? i should check it out in person.

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