Moroni & Brother’s Pizza Gets Mad Props From The Post And Promptly Gets Rewarded With A Brick Through Its Front Window

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Over the weekend the Post wrote an article titled: Petworth Pizzeria Fills a Void Tastefully. I went to grab a pie this weekend and congratulate Jose on the nice article when he told me about his window getting smashed. He seemed to have good spirits (even showing me the above photo that his friend took of him). But still this is so frustrating. Someone finally opens up a great spot on Georgia Avenue and has to deal with this bull shit. Cause it was pure vandalism not even a burglary (thankfully). It just really pisses me off that here the guy gets some good news and that very evening his window gets smashed. It’s not fair. Life’s not fair I guess. Well, it’s gonna cost a lot of money to replace so if anyone is hankering for pizza this week make the effort to support Moronis located at 4811 Georgia Ave. And of course the pizza is phenomenal so everyone wins!


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  • Damn. Someone must really hate pizza. Or whitey. Or both.

  • I really, really, really wish just once D.C. could start catching a–holes who do things like this and all the graffiti and other property crimes, and if they are caught, no more slaps on the wrists — make people work (in a case like this) cleaning city toilets and roadways until they make enough money to pay for the window they broke (plus a few others since we only catch a small handful) and in the case of graffiti, you get a month full of weekends cleaning up other people’s graffiti all over the city. People have to fear some sort of real repurcussion from these sorts of senseless acts which inconvenience hard working citizens and entrepeneurs, and at this point, that is clearly not the case. Otherwise, we get this, exactly what “broken windows” policy is literally aimed at discouraging.

  • Did they ever catch the guys who were using that indelible “etching spray” on shop windows, rendering them unusable? A whole new frontage window will run an owner a couple grand to replace.

  • I was riding past Brightwood Bistro last week and they were replacing a side window that looks like it took a brick also. ’tis the season I guess.

  • Was it a brick through the window, or was it a red rock?

  • Man that sucks. I was in Moroni’s and Fusion last night. If there is ever any reason why businesses do not invest in certain parts of DC, then look no further than incidents like this.
    Some people you can’t live around or do business.

  • I am really just too angry for words. The sheer ignorance of a great many of our neighbors just astounds me. Stupid, stupid stupid people.

  • maybe the city should start a sort of program where small business owners can apply for grants/reimbursments for cameras and surveillance equipment for their store fronts?

  • Or maybe the city should start a sort of program where small business owners can kill the little shits without consequences. We should all be feasting on pizzas cooked on their roasting bones.

  • Vonstallin

    It must have been a past customer overcome with tastebudluous Joy and tossed a brick in excitement….

    yes i made up the word “tastebudluous”

  • good idea Christopher – could also help with solving street crime that seems to plague this area

  • This sucks, completely, but wouldn’t they have insurance to cover such things? I’m sure there is a deductible but I doubt they will be out a couple grand.

  • haha a red rock…that was pretty witty.

  • I’m all for vigilante justice.

  • One of the reasons you have this is that the juvenile justice system is nonexistent in DC. Until you turn 18, you’re in a Twilight Zone where you can basically get away with murder. Juveniles can’t be treated/locked up with adult criminals, and the juvie system itself is a joke. They’re basically released under the custody of their parent/custodian, and they’re back on the street in hours. And when you start this nonsense when you’re 12-13, you’ve got five good years to hone your trade to be a quality career criminal like the dad you never knew. I see no solution to this in the immediate future.

  • has anyone here ever talked to someone who had it out for local businesses? I know Nate mentioned this. I overheard a woman caught for shoplifting just railing against people “trying to make money off the community.” So I know they’re there.

    I used to work with a guy who had total distrust of all stores. He refused to go to Costco because they were going to try to rip him off. He refused to go to Trader Joes because he said they doubled or tripled the prices on what they sold- which is ridiculous because Trader Joes is cheap.

  • Neener — you mean besides DC Dire Wolf??? [Kidding, kidding, I am not suggesting DCDire would throw a brick through a window … besides, this isn’t a white owned business, so it is not politically incorrect or whatnot].

  • that’s effing ridiculous. i will definitely be picking up a pizza or two this week. stay strong, moronis!

  • I have met people in my neighborhood that felt that robbing the grocery store on NH Ave was ok since they make so much money and insurance will cover it.

    Restaurants are a hard business without this nonsense. If it were not for the Barry’s (Fusion) and the Moroni’s of the world, Petworth would likely have even less retail. Businesses are accustomed to taking on business risk. But not the risk of getting killed or your building vandalized.

    But hey, I have seen these people destroy their own homes. So it is no surprise to me that they would have little regard for a business, even if it is in their own community. They’ll brick it out of business and blame the white man for not investing in their community.

  • i like your plan too, intangiblearts, but i figured all the bleeding heart libs would cry if i suggested that. my idea for a camera credit wouldnt really work anyway, seeing as how our justice system wouldnt do anything to the little bastards after the popo caught them, and then they would just be back to retaliate against ‘the man’ that turned them in…

  • i love the pizza at morani bros but does anyone else find it overpriced for the portion size?

  • Chris-
    About the camera idea. I doesn’t work. We’ve caught vandals on camera doing everything from grafitti on the side of our building, breaking the front door of our building, and stealing packages out of our mail room. We’ve repeatedly “pulled the tapes” and given them to police and filed a report and nobody has been arrested. DC cops just don’t see the value in investing the time to follow up on these crimes. They think their job is to receive and file the report so insurance claims can be filed. It never occurs to them that arresting somebody is in their best interest.

  • brian, i believe that synopsis completely, but i dont think all of the blame can be on the police… i think the system fails after the police have brought in the bad guy for the most part, and the apathy that we see in DCs finest isnt the cause of our crime problem, but rather an effect of the problems (lax laws, corruption, etc) in DCs government.

  • To anonymous: not at all. Perfectly appropriate price for the quality.

  • what I don’t get is why all of you are posting your anger, etc. on this blog. This energy and these emotions and sentiments should be directed to the MPD, Bowser, etc. What good is posting these comments on here – it seems self-defeating to me. You are bitching to the choir. Tell the police, tell our elected officials.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Anon. MPD and Bowser read this blog. So, uh, it’s actually very worthwhile.

  • PoP, your comment made me think of something that might be useful: perhaps you could think of some kind of a “useful community contacts and resources” section for your blog homepage (e.g. contact info for MPD staff, Bowser etc.)? I realise that drawing the line for what is useful and how to define the community area would be difficult…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Big developments are coming down the pike. I’m working with a few folks on a big IT crime initiative for PoP. Stay tuned. All the issues won’t be worked out for a month or a bit more. But it’s coming…

  • Anonymous,
    MPD and Bowser read these blogs and don’t do shit about it. Today, I get an email from the 4d MPD listserve about digital tv conversion. WTF? When did they find time for this when drug dealers are slowly taking my block? MPD has totally given up. They know they can’t solve the problem. DC Council know they can’t solve it.

    If I were an MPD officer, I would probably be apathetic too. Here I am tasked to arrest the guys on Delafield/Kennedy/etc for selling weed. Yet, when/if I catch them, they have so little marijuana (2 oz’s or less) in their possession that they get out almost immediately. The same applies for juvie crime. You can’t solve a problem when political correctness gets in the way.


  • off with their balls!!

    that might get a little more attention i think.

  • Bryan: regarding CC tape footage – Why not post the video on Youtube? Someone videotaped in the act of defacing your property has no protectable privacy interest. Put the videos up and ask if anyone recognizes the perps. You could even offer a cash reward for the identify of the thugs. Or, if you have a good still photo of the crooks, put their face(s) on flyers and put them up ALL OVER the neighborhood.

    Public shame is a great way to deal with this kind of thug behavior. I say we take the perps and stick them in stocks for a few days down on the Mall. Or better yet, near Eastern Market, so you can buy organic produce to throw at the criminals (who can’t do anything about it!).

    Maybe we should turn Roosavelt Island into a penal colony a la Devil’s Island and Alcatraz

  • christopher – I argued for that sometime ago and got stuck with a eugenics label. I am still for it. These punks do nothing but commit crimes and make more little puncks.

  • GforGood,

    It’s a work in progress but check out for links to officials.

  • Where the police fail to keep order, vigilante justice fills the gap. That’s just the way it works.

    The owners of these restaurants should put up 24/7 live web feeds to let us all “keep an eye on” their storefronts.

  • “Where the police fail to keep order, vigilante justice fills the gap. That’s just the way it works.”


    Be careful with that vigilante justice stuff. If you get caught, MPD will throw you right into the lockup with all of the so-called “animals” that you all despise so much. Undoubtedly, they’ll look to “fill the gap” of your butt hole!

  • “If you get caught….” hee hee, thanks, I needed a good laugh.

  • Anyone have the number for the A-Team? (we have a problem, and no one else can help — we just need to find them).

  • After reading this post, my girlfriend and I (both in job transition, with time for leisurely weekday lunches) decided to try Moroni’s today. We split the large Diosa pizza, which was very, very good, and fairly well priced at $16. However, we both got soda (Coke & Diet Coke) and then one refill each. The drinks were a little flat and we weren’t brought water either… We were charged $2 for each of the drinks plus $2 for each of the refills! Really? That brought the pre-tip bill to $27 including tax for pizza and soft drinks for two, which seems a bit unreasonable, despite the great pizza. Probably not going back any time soon…

  • glob: all too common I think, bad Cokes and charging for refills. It miffs me too. But now you know, so maybe go back and just demand water after water.

    I’ve always wanted to prepare some massive class action lawsuit to seek reparations for lousy Coke’s in restaurants. How often do you get one that tastes remotely like Coke from a can/bottle? Its rare, ain’t it? Unfortunately I am fairly ignorant, and perhaps there are better lawsuits to pursue. Like lost pants…

    My one Moroni story is that it was pretty good, but my friend brought a red wine bottle in with him and the waitress brought us an ice bucket to chill it. That’s just weird. And are these guys Italian? Or Latino? If Italian I am pretty sure they’d face the death penalty in Italy for such a thing.

  • The dirty secret about most fountain soda and sodas ‘on the gun’ at bars: they’re usually generic ‘cola’ and not Coke or Pepsi, even if they’re labeled as such. This usually isn’t so much an issue at chain fast food joint or chain restaurants, but at independently owned neighborhood joints you’re usually not getting name brand stuff.

  • I typically like fountain drinks more than canned or bottled Coke. I also can’t think of the last time I was charged for refills, or had a substandard fountain drink. I also typically eat at more chain-ish restaurants, thus the surprise. It’s really not a big deal, but not being able to get a nice fountain drink for a reasonable price predisposes me to avoid, even if I could just ask for water…

  • And Pennywise–you’re right, that’s exactly what the Italians burned Savanoral for.

  • Moroni Brothers has my support, advice…don’t give up!
    I can see why with this many businesses barricade their windows with bars, its for safety as again, the plexiglass barriers seen in many of our stores, Town and Country Market on Upshur, Davis Market next to Latneys Funeral Home though somewhat unsightly is a small inconvenience for safety.

  • Hey Nate- Maybe the MPD does pay attention to this…I just walked past 4th and Delafield and theres a cop car stationed on the corner. He’s now been there for about a half hour, just chillin’ and letting his presence be known…

  • I hear and can relate to the frustrations, however I have to defend MPD. Commander Brown is doing great things for the 4th district and always makes herself available to address concerns. We all need to remember that the police can’t be everywhere and that we have to do our part by reporting crimes.

    As a victim of a property crime I had surveillance and asked MPD to pursue the known thief. However the US Attorney’s office felt the crime was to minor to pursue, which I understand happens regularly. Also I have heard that even if the US Attorney’s office pursues a crime the judges often want to rehabilitate the criminal through a program or half way house. Some of these criminals are repeat offenders who continue to get rehabilitation opportunities.

    We as citizens must continually remind our elected officials of these flaws in our criminal justice system. If we don’t remind them and if we don’t report crime the system will remain ineffective and the criminals will continue to work the system.

  • Matt,
    Right. And guess what the boys on Delafield do? They come down on 4th and sell their weed. I live on 4th. I know what’s going on.

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