More Inauguration Photo Entries

The one above from Quigley Brown cracked me up.

Below is a great sunrise shot from jehylton.


Below is a super cool shot from julia.m.

taking photos of the helicopter carrying Bush to Andrews

There are so many good entries. Sadly, I can’t take anymore entries. Winner announced Friday. So help me out with the one you like best. And don’t forget you can always join the PoPville Photo pool on flickr and contribute photos of the beautiful life. More after the jump.

I like this one titled – watching, waiting by Jess J.

watching, waiting

Below is a wild one from tyrannous.

i think this is george washington (note the axe)

I liked the joy on the woman’s face below from the Warder Kid.

Obama love begins early

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  • “Sadly, I can’t take anymore entries.”

    You’re the purple ticket gate of photo contests!!! 🙂

  • I don’t know about you PoP, or anyone else … but I was really bothered to see people climbing all over memorials and monuments on Inauguration Day. I understand that they wanted a better view, but seriously … these aren’t jungle-gyms or play-toys, they are monuments and memorials to some of our greatest leaders.

    I was personally bothered by it – but it just goes to show that most people weren’t here for the Inauguration per say — they were here to see Barack Obama get Inauguration, which also bothered me. But I sense I am an outlyer on this issue.

  • I vote for the one that was of the girl in the white hat standing in the blurred out crowd…I think it was the second entry.

    Second I like the ones of the people’s asses – not for the asses! haha But it was diff view point than the tops of heads and for that I thought it deserves a vote.

    Third the Barbara Bush one made me giggle.

  • jehylton’s gets my vote. I like the morning sky, the jumbotron, and people already filling up the mall.

    Tim, I’m w/you thinking it is disrespectful to clamber on memorials and monuments. But I’m sure the Park Police, etc were busy helping the crowds get through the security gates… er never mind.

  • I don’t think that it was a photo contest entry, but I vote for the shot of Shakira in leather pants at the “We Are One” concert.

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