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Sorry I forgot to mention this – “DPR To Make Improvements To Dog Exercise Area at Walter Pierce Park”:

“The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) announced today that they will be making improvements to the dog exercise area at Walter Pierce Park, located at Adams Mill & Ontario Roads, NW.

Weather permitting, the dog exercise area is scheduled to close and work begin on January 22, 2009. Once underway, work is expected to last approximately three weeks. The rest of Walter Pierce Park will remain open.

Improvements to the dog exercise area include the installation of new five-foot high perimeter fencing with a double gate, and installation of a new dog exercise surface, which will be 6 inches of compacted stone.”

For more on Walter Pierce Park you can read a profile here.

Speaking of dog parks – the park at S Street and 17th, NW is also slated to become a dog park.


More photos after the jump. (They also have some cool sculptures that I’ve never photographed before I hope they remain after the renovation.)

Currently looks like:


Predicted to look like:


The artwork:



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  • Vonstallin

    I see nothing but Raves and Cheers coming…
    But if I say I don’t want a park to become a Mix use condo store front ya’ll are ready to string me up.

    Man…the love you guys have for your dogs.

  • Any word on the new fencing around the Metro space at the corner of Park and 11th? There’s a petition to make this a dog park, we need one closer than Adamas Morgan.

  • FYI the sculptures at the S Street Park are by Robert Cole who is a local D.C. artist.

  • For a variety of reasons, the Park Road space will not be an “official” dog park anytime in the immediate future (if ever). However, dog owners may note the improved layout of the space (there should be gates going in to fill those two spaces in the fence at some point) which happens to be conducive to use by dogs, and should feel free to congregate, informally, accordingly. Hopefully, regular users will take an interest in keeping the space clean, tidy, and green.

  • A new park! GREAT! Maybe all the crack dealers will turn to dog walking to make ends meet.

  • re: 11th and Park – I think this solution of just fencing it in so its an unofficial “dogpark” is a good thing.

    The sticking point on this for well over a year now has been insurance, if they make it a dog park, then someone needs to provide liability insurance. If they just add fencing so it looks like a dog park but officially isnt one, they dont.

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