Making A Mockery of “Coming Soon” Signs

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Seriously this is insane. I could kinda see in the window from across the street and it still looked like there was tons of work to do. What’s the over under on opening in 2009 versus 2010?

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  • My conservative upbringing forced my mind to make a leap when I saw this photo…

  • globalizati, awesome. It’s like Waiting for Godot … this particular case is ridiculous, but as a general matter, I imagine the economic downturn has made development of restaurants both less feasible (acquiring capital) and less lucrative (folks have less disposable income), hence the interminable delays in not only this place, but also the various Highland Park and DCUSA planned restaurants (Zinnia, Sake Club, Quiznos, Desi’s Chicken, etc.) none of which have shown any signs of life whatsoever. Sigh …

  • yeah its been about a year with that saki club sign in the window and there hasnt been a bit of movement in there. at least royal blue from what i understand actually looks like a restaurant inside? Im starting to doubt saki club is coming. perhaps donetelli can give us an update? but maybe its helping him rent those apartments having that sign in the window?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sadly, it seems there is very little info. I’ll try and talk to some folks this weekend and see what I can find out.

  • Actually I think these signs beat not having anything up at all.

    we all know half the projects lost their funding this year.

  • I go to the Sake Club in Woodley Park all the time and they told me one night that they were focusing on opening their Herndon restaurant first and then would proceed with the Columbia Heights location. I wouldn’t consider this the ‘official’ word, its just what our waiter told us.

  • PoP I’m so glad you posted this…I am frustrated everytime I see these “Coming Soon” signs. Bozzuto Management runs the Highland Park building, so if you’re looking for info on Sake Club or Zinnia I’d check in with them!

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