Make A Wounded Soldier’s Life A Little Bit Better


The following was submitted by a reader who volunteers at Walter Reed Medical Center.

I began volunteering at Walter Reed Army Medical (WRMAC) in the fall of 2007 with CAUSE (Comfort for America’s Uniformed Services). CAUSE provides comfort and recreation programming for wounded soliders and their families. Founded by West Point graduates and their wives, CAUSE provides activities that seek to lighten the load for recovering soliders and their families. We host UFC fight nights, brunches, picnics, and video game tournaments. Monthly we bring in massage therapists and energy healers as well as hairstylists and nail technicians and provide a full service spa day. Our largest and most popular program is the CDEL library which provides DVDs, Video games and video game system rentals to soldiers and their families free of charge. Currently we stock Wii, PS2, PS3s and XBOX360s and their respective games (including guitar hero complete with guitars) in addition to first run and classic movies and TV series on dvd.

Because we relay on donations to stock our libraries we tend to get new releases slower then we would like but we will take donations of anything people no longer want. We accept in kind donations of gently used DVDs and video games and of course cash. All donations are tax deductible. We want all kinds of DVDs—many of these soldiers have their kids and their spouses—so animation, chick flicks, action, adventure, anything!

About 80% of the soldiers being treated are under the age of 30, with a majority being 19-25. Walter Reed specializes in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries and amputations.

You can drop your donations at the Petworth library at the address below. I believe its open Monday and Wednesday nights.

Petworth Neighborhood Library
4300 Kansas Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20011

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  • Do you need volunteers?

  • have you ever done any work with Team River Runner?

    We teach the wounded soliders how to Kayak, but it is sometimes difficult to get them out there.

  • Do you want CDs or books too? I have a huge box of stuff that are duplicates of stuff I already have, and/or sampler CDs that I don’t have space for. Some old, some new, some great, some not. All in good condition.

  • I am said volunteer–

    RE: volunteering, you can sign up at the CAUSE website ( for a volunteer orientation.

    RE: Team River Running–we dont take soldiers off campus and focus our programs but I would be interested in working with you separate from my responsibilities with CAUSE so please email me personally svigasl3 at gmail dot com

    RE: CDs and Books CAUSE does not accept them but I would be willing to pick them up and bring them up for the Free for all table. again please email me svigasl3 at gmail dot com

  • Any possibility that the new administration will stop this madness and pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan so these kids do not como home maimed?

  • i am anti war and a pacifist myself, but no there is not a good chance that we’re ending war in our life time, i cant change the policy but i can make a shitty situation less shitty by providing a sense of normalcy in their lives. lets not make this a discussion about why they’re there but instead focus on making their lives a little better and lightening the load for their family.

  • Thank you, clearblue!

    Not that it is too hard to miss but the Petworth Library is at 4200 Kansas Ave. NW – it’s the big house-looking structure on the corner across from the gas station.

    Tonight we are having a Friends of the Library organizing meeting at 6:30 pm. Join us!
    If you can’t make it but are interested, please send me an email for more information.

  • I’m sorry if I misunderstood – did you say you do not accept BOOKS?

  • CAUSE does not accept books, i personally can bring books up to leave on the FREE table in the lobby but I would need to pick them up personally.

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