LZ Middle Eastern Restaurant Improves Its Interior


It’s no secret I’m a pretty big fan of LZ Middle Eastern Restaurant located on Florida Ave just west of 14th Street. As I’ve mentioned before the owners are as nice as can be. The one flaw I thought the place has was that the interior was a bit drab. I was psyched to see that added some fresh new couches. They also have added a tv. You can even just grab some tea and watch some tv. So if you haven’t checked them out yet and are looking for a real casual place with super nice owners, go stop by if you live in the neighborhood.


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  • Looks nice! And I love ME food! One complaint, anyone else hate TVs in restaurants? I can understand them in bars and sports bar sorts of places, but have we become such tube heads that we need them in all sorts of eateries? I admit I am a dedicated TV lover, and my non-work moments tend to spent enthralled by whatever crap is shoveled at me via cable…

  • Actually, Pennywise, I do too. I love Moroni, but the TV is always too loud (and let’s not even talk about the jukebox at El Limeno, waaaay too loud. I’d love to take my parents there but as-is, no can do). And last night, we went to Queen of Sheba (9th&P), and they had a TV in the dining room. Sure, they have a bar, but you couldn’t see the TV from the bar – just from the dining room. I wasn’t into it.

  • Oh, yes i went to LZ and loved it too! Can’t wait to stop there again. New furniture looks beautiful. They picked a great little spot for a restaurant — just wish it were a shorter walk/ride home.

  • Thanks to this blog for reminding me about LZ, I went this afternoon and ordered the chicken shawarma and hummus with ground lamb. Both were great, but the chicken was especially delicious!

    I hope they’re getting enough business. I was the only customer at the time I went, but 2pm on a Saturday is kind of an odd time to go. I’d be disappointed if they had to close.

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