Last Inauguration Post (Except For Photo Contest) I Promise!

20Jan09 005, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This photo was actually submitted for the contest by AngryParakeet but I had meant to ask if anyone used the bike valet? From the photo it looks like it was a great success. But I’m wondering how long did it take to retrieve your bikes? Anyone use this option?

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  • Vonstallin

    Crowd Estimated at 1.8 million officialy.

    I have some pictures in the other Inauguration thread of the valet bike parking. It was full when I rode by, but seeing all the bikes I couldn’t figure out how they would retrieve them.

    They all have valet tags on them, but honestly damn near all the bikes look the same so I wonder if they had a system?

    I talk to the older gent working and he said although they are filled, they might be able to squeeze another in. That made me thing it was just pack em in and go.

    Also was this free?

  • Yes it was free.

  • Yep, free and easy. I waited about 15 min for check-in and about 10 min for check-out. They had a really smart but simple system of tagging bikes and giving you a card, then placing the bike in a ‘section’ in their valet area associated with that numbered tag/card. Looked like they had a good number of volunteers and it seems like they didn’t lose a single bike! unbelievable. has a bunch of stats and other info. I wish WABA had handled crowd & gate control for the mall/viewing areas too. I know it’s not their thing, but they had things much more under control and organized than anything else in terms of the days events.

  • I used it, it was fine, quick, and a great service. No problem either dropping off or retrieving my bike (I was #70, so I was there relatively early, and got back relatively late.)

  • My friends did it, arrived around 11:00am at the Jefferson memorial, took about 15 minutes to check in, and they picked up their bikes just as WABA was closing shop at 5:00pm. And as there were only 10 bikes left, they got theirs right away.

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