Judging Rowhomes


I thought this was a very unusual rowhome renovation. I’ve never seen an old one with the front totally reconfigured like this. I’m sure it’s nice to get all that light with the big windows but do you dig the overall look?

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  • Not a fan from the outside. It seems to have lost all it’s charm.

  • the facade does not look as if it has been reconfigured. just looks as if a portion of the brick front was surfaced with smooth stucco and the front yard was dug out to widen the front entrance. the brick on basement level was sandblasted to expose the brick i am only looking at photo but i think that everything is probably where it was when it was built.
    it looks good to me. i would have liked to have seen it before the owner made what i see as improvements.

  • I believe this on 15th St. where they’ve been doing all sorts of “creative” things with those big old houses lately…

  • saf

    It looks like a pop-up on the front.

  • I am living for this front renovation (New Age-Old School Townhome)!

  • Is this off of 11th street? I think I know which one this is, if it is.

  • I prefer bay windows to this! Maybe a paint job could make it look better?

  • Vonstallin

    Ice-Tina Says:
    January 14th, 2009 at 4:32 pm
    I am living for this front renovation (New Age-Old School Townhome)!

    My thoughts exactly.

    i like the blending of the old and the usefullness of the new.
    I love what they did with the lower entrance.

  • Not loving it but better than a pop up – there is a house on the hill that did this much better. Saying that I can’t shake the feeling that this house is going to tip forward and fall on its face.

  • I think it’s fine. I looks useful. And probably adds a little bit of space.

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