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I feel like I’ve heard folks talk about Sushi Ko in other restaurant posts so I thought it’d be worthwhile to give it a post of its own. It is located at 2309 Wisconsin Ave. NW. I seem to recall that is rather expensive, is that right? So what’s the word on the sushi and the price?

Incidentally I really like the front of the building it looks like they used some sort of metal for the front. I dig it.

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  • Sushi Ko’s expensive but alright. Better than most, but not as good as Sushi Taro. But if you’re going to cross town anyway, you might as well head over to Makoto and get excellent sushi. Anyway, when I’m in the neighborhood, I skip Sushi Ko and go straight to the titty bar up the street. You can’t beat creepy Russian embassy staff and boobies.

  • My favorite restaurant in DC and I think it’s better than Sushi Taro or Makoto. And for sushi, I don’t think it’s that expensive. Sushi that melts in your mouth, it’s amazing!

  • Yes the Sushi does melt in your mouth there! It was really tasty the time I went. Price I don’t remember, but I didn’t think it was absurd for sushi. I would recommend it!

  • my favorite sushi restaurant in the city (but to be fair, I haven’t tried Makoto (yet!)). I think the price is fair. I wish I lived closer…

  • It is kinda expensive but I think it’s worth it…at least while Sushi Taro is closed for renovations.

  • Best sushi in the city, no doubt. Haven’t been there in a long time because of the cost. I racked up a rather expensive bill when I was last there.

  • Sushi Ko and Sushi Taro are both excellent. You can’t go wrong either way. Neither are cheap, but both are very high quality and worth it to me.

  • Best Sushi in the city. I far prefer it to Sushi Taro. Best local Sushi option (at least in CH): delivery from Tono Sushi. Very solid. I wish, wish, wish the sushi at Nori was better as it is convenient and the people are soooooo nice, but I’ve tried it twice and I was just not digging it.

  • I have to disagree- I think Sushi Ko is overrated, the menu limited and unimaginative and the service unimpressive. I’ll take Kaz over Sushi Ko any day.

  • My mother-in-law is Japanese and she thinks Sushi-ko is terrible. Small portions, not enough rice and the rice is not the right flavor or consistency. I don’t bother taking her there anymore

  • Never been here but I got a gift certificate from Santa so I am looking forward to going here in the next week or two. Sushi Taro can stay closed forever as far as I am concerned…it’s like when everyone hypes up a movie and then you go and see it and it is OK at best, well, then it just sucks!

  • @Kay: interesting. for some reason I thought that the mass rice + fish = american version of sushi and not at all similar to japanese sushi.

  • I was in Friendship Heights over the weekend and almost did a double-take when I saw a sign that said Sushi-Ko (I’ve heard so many good things about the Glover Park location but have never been, and I didn’t know they had a second location convenient to the red line!) Has anyone been to both locations and know whether the quality is comparable at both?

  • It’s good but pricy. I think Kotobuki, in Palisades (and upstairs I believe from Makoto), is excellent and reasonably priced. If I’m gonna go as far as Gtown, I’d probably just continue on to Palisades for Kotobuki. http://www.yelp.com/biz/kotobuki-washington

  • I like Tono Sushi and also Yosaku. I think they are related in some way. I always call Tono Sushi and say this is Toby, let me have have my regular sushi order and I swing by to pick it up. It’s ready when I get there. As for delivery, I am so used to having nothing but HongKong Chinese carry out or Domino’s delivering to us off NH Ave in Petworth. I can’t imagine that Tono Sushi would actually deliver to me!! Do they?

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