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  • I’ve been a few times — not bad. If you ever have a group and are looking for a place you know will be empty — Straits of Malaya is your place. The roof deck is nice, though a little run down. I would give it a 6 out of 10.

  • everything i’ve always had there has been delicious. the interior isn’t anything special, so i typically like to go when the weather is warmer and you can sit on the roof. like ross said, with the family sized portions, it’s a good place for groups.

  • I agree with above – never have been disappointed, but kind of average. I loved this place when it was the African restaurant – the food was amazing.

  • I agree with the above- it won’t blow your mind but I’ve never been let down. The drinks come from the bar next door (Larry’s) and the same folks seem to work at both places. Love the roof deck of a nice night.

  • This place is great! I’ve been a few times, and it’s always nice because there won’t be a long wait. Prices are good, food is really good, service was OK, but it’s the people you’re with that make it great anyway! 🙂

  • This is a sick restaurant–get the curry chicken w/eggplant or the tamarind chicken which is amazing. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR BEING IN THE NEW YORK TIMES.

  • I’ve only been there once, but I remember enjoying the (veggie) dish that I had. The roofdeck is what will really lure me back there again once the weather is nicer. The service we had was kind of spotty, but it worked in our favor when the waiter forgot to charge us for the first round of drinks we bought — we left a generous tip!

  • Never been here, but i am sure that it is better than Dos Gringo’s.

  • saf

    Love the roof, love the food, service is sweet, friendly, and a bit slow, but overall, nice place, go eat there!

  • Oh Cupcake, I agree, I miss Wazuri!!!!! They had the best best best grilled shrimp ever. No offense to the Malaysian place, but I wish the African spot would return. There is a serious lack of good African food (minus Ethiopian) in DC. And please don’t tell me Bukom or Ghana Cafe, because they are both horrible horrible representatives of West African food.

  • The food here is generally pleasant and reasonably priced. I’ve had numerous dishes here over the years. While all of them were at least good, none was ever a standout. Frankly, I prefer to eat inside in the main dining room; air circulation on the roof deck is not always good on warm days. An added plus on the weekends is looking at the mob scene congregate across the street at Lauriol Plaza (which has its virtues but is definitely not the type of place worth an hour wait.)

  • I haven’t been in years, so thanks for the reminder! It looks like they no longer have the dinner dish that is somehow associated with bananas that I remember so fondly (if vaguely), but I’ll totally go back.
    The real joy is sitting on the roof deck and watching people wait in line for 2 hours for Lauriol. Shaudenfreude at its best. (And the food’s good and the people are lovely, and it’s hardly ever busy.)

  • I love the food and the folks here. Also, agree with those who have said it’s a good group restaurant. Have had a few family gatherings that have gone well both because it’s never crowded and the staff are accomodating. I highly recommend.

  • On the subject of Malaysia, anyone know of a place that serves Singapore Chili Crab? Been looking for years but NOBODY makes it. Pretty sure it has to do with the crabs, which come from the Ganges where they feast on immolated corpses. That’s flavor country.

  • i love the food here!!! the atmosphere…not so great, poor lighting and wall colors, but amazing food. very yummy and there’s never a wait much like lauriol across the street. the rooftop is pretty nice with a large tree as canopy.

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