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Stoney’s is located at 1433 P St. NW and is supposed to have some pretty mean burgers. I had eaten at the previous location on L Street, NW but I’ve never been to the Logan Circle spot. So are the burgers just as good here? Any other specialties that you’d recommend? The old spot had a very chill atmosphere, what’s the atmosphere like at this spot?

Updated: Per a commenter’s request, we haven’t had a best burger in DC thread yet, so in addition to noting your thoughts on Stoney’s please add your suggestion for best burger in DC.

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  • Was just there for the first time last night. Had the Super Grilled Cheese and it was delicious. Bar had a nice neighborhoody feel to it. I was surprised it was so crowded on a Monday night (all the tables and bar stools were full).

  • Had their “BBQ sandwich” about a week ago. Pretty dern bad — like airport food bad. I should have got a burger but I just didn’t feel like one. I hear their famous for their grilled cheese too.

  • have we had the best burger thread yet. im looking for new suggestions. I like matchbox sliders. quarry house, palena, rays, someone tell me where the next great burger is being made. not the usual suspects. I want a place I havent been. please dont say five guys.

  • Great little neighborhood bar…

  • Anonymous 12:22 on burgers — Have you had the Ollie’s Trolley burger?

  • yes. i love Ollies but not so much for its culinary skills

  • Stoney’s makes a pretty awesome grilled cheese. A not bad burger either.

    However, best burger in the city is Harry’s.

    (I’m not a big fan of the Ollie’s Trolley burger.)

  • i would encourage all to support ollies. I love hotel harrington in general. reminds me of old downtown. http://www.olliestrolleydc.com/

  • I’ve just discovered Ollie’s and really liked it, myself. What’s Harry’s?

  • Stoney’s is a great lil’ bar and grill that also supports rugby in DC (not a priority for most of you, I realize, but a real plus for me) …that being said, I always look forward to an afternoon at Ollie’s ‘though I agree with the others suggesting that there hasta be something better out there; I need a burger that satisfies my hunger and necessity for sustenance but also doubles as a religious experience.

  • Harry’s is the joint right next door to Ollie’s.

  • Stoney’s has a very good burger, especially given that it clocks in at under $10.

    Tasty burgers that have not yet been mentioned include Marvin’s Burger (love the frites with all the sauces) St. Ex’s burger, Commonwealth’s burger (though I don’t love their steak fries)… that’s a good start.

  • IntangibleArts endorses Stoney’s with fisty air pumping gusto. They’ve elevated the humble Grilled Cheese to the level of High Art. It’s an ARTERIAL ASSASSIN, and god love ’em for it. The selection of taps is ehh, but the Stoney’s Amber is decent.

  • I don’t want to say “best” (b/c that goes to Ray’s Hell Burgers for the full size and Matchbox for the mini size) but Jack’s on 17th street has got a surprisingly strong burger (and one night is a half-priced night). It’s heavily accented by black pepper, so if that’s not your thing then you might not like it. I’m not a fan of Stoneys.

  • I LOVED the old Stoneys on 13th and L. That place had character. It pulled some office yuppies, the labor folks at the old SEIU building, the postal unions and the NLRB, the firefighters across the street, the hookers that used to be all over that area, and various weirdos and working class folks. It was one of the few bar/grills in DC that felt like a real east coast big city place that you’d find in Boston or New York. The super grilled cheese was perfect, the beers were cold and relatively cheap, and the surly til you got to know him “big daddy” server was a real DC treasure.

    The new Stoneys still has a good grilled cheese and it’s an okay bar/grill at which to meet friends after work or catch a game at the bar, but it totally lacks the character the old place had.

  • My impression is that the question should be for second-best burger, because it’s a given that nothing could be better than Ray’s. Right?

    Black Squirrel, haven’t been in a while, but it’s good for burgers and also has a half-price night.

  • Central also has fantastic burgers, but they’re not cheap. I think the Logan Circle Stoney’s is fine, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the old one.

  • Stoney’s is usually strong to quite strong, but last time I was there it was a bit of a disappointment. The burger was dryer than usual and they didn’t have Stone IPA on tap like they used to.

    What’s the deal with the all-Russian wait-staff too?

    Best burger in town? I don’t know who’s the best, but since nobody has mentioned it I will say the the last time I had a bacon cheeseburger at Looking Glass Lounge it was GREAT.

  • BEST grilled cheese around!!!!

  • Can’t belileve this has been overlooked, but they have MURPHEY’S on draught!!!

  • burgers that suck: Open Citys hockey puck of a burger.
    I like chef geoffs burger though it isnt consistant. big drafts though!

  • I loved the old Stoney’s. I went to this one once and was sad at what a pale imitation it is of the old one. I only cried in my beer over what once was and didn’t eat though, so I can’t speak to this location’s food. (Over on L the best divey choice these days is the Post Pub, one of my favorites.)

    Best burger in DC is Angles. I’m also a fan of Lindy’s over by GW, mostly b/c of all the crazy toppings they have. Ollie’s and Harry’s are both good choices downtown. If for some reason you’re in Adams Morgan and not getting your burger at Angles, Toledo Lounge is another good option.

    Best veggie burger is at the Derby. I’m pretty sure they make them with crack because I love meat, but always get the veggie burger when I’m there.

    I need to revisit Good Stuff in my neck o’ the woods. Last I went was when I reviewed it for PoP and it was pretty mediocre, except for the shakes. With Matchbox in the ‘hood though, I’ll take my burgers in slider form and am somewhat disincentivized from trying Good Stuff again.

  • isnt rays hell in nova? can someone go there and bring me back the burger please? I dont go to virginia.

  • Re: burgers, I was long ago impressed with the burger at Matchbox, which is cheese stuffed and quite yummy. Haven’t been there in a long time, since they annoyed my by firing up their ‘eternal flame’ on the hottest day of summer.

    Also, 5 Guys the best for a quickie.

  • Tonic makes a great burger — and it tastes even better on 1/2 price burger and beer night (I think mondays)

  • saf

    Anon – he’s serving the hell-burgers at the bar in Silver Spring too.

  • not feeling tonic. i wish i liked it cause i live in mtp.
    on that note I dont feel marx either. but i hope their plans for a roof deck work out.
    has anyone had the burger at Bens Next Door? I think it was supposed to be a bigger tavern style burger than the chili bowls?

  • I love Stoney’s crabcake sandwich! Actually just had it last night. Mmmm…I used to live right around the corner and it’s one of my favorite spots for comfort food (and beer).

  • best crabcake sandwhich. thats one for next week POP

  • I really like Stoney’s. Never had a burger there, but they often have a Bell’s on tap, and I really like the pizza & onion rings. And the ice cream brownie dessert is not only awesome, it is a meal of itself. It does, however, seem to be short on character.

  • I had the burger at Palena last weekend, which I’ve heard called the best in town. I concur.

  • 1905 on 9th makes a pretty amazing burger…

  • I second having a “best crabcake sandwich” thread.

  • The food at Stoney’s is filling and cheap, and goes well with beer. I’ve had their burgers several times. While they are a decent value, they are nothing special in the taste department.

  • Good stuff eatery!
    (ducks for cover from the haters)

  • Didn’t that location used to be the P Street Bistro or something like that? I like that place, thought it was always empty, and I got the feeling that is must have been a front for something else… perhaps that’s why it failed. Or did it simply move? I haven’t been to Stoney’s in a while, but like others have said- I thought they had decent burgers. That being said- I wouldn’t recommend wandering too far from burgers and grilled cheese on the menu!

  • Stoney’s was great the last time I went… I had not been to old Stoney’s so I can’t compare. Good beer options, great brunch options, both sandwiches were well worth it (one roast beef/gravy and the other some sort of fish that the BF likes), laid back, crowded enough you could tell people liked it and exactly what we were looking for. I can’t comment on the burgers, but they had gravy. Gravy is good for the soul… so I’ll be back.

  • Ray’s Hell is the best burger in the area by far. It’s one metro stop into VA, not that bad at all.

    I’m also a fan of Five Guys, Lindy’s Red Lion, and Clydes.

  • Need to try Ray’s. Already my favorite steak place in the area by a country mile (maybe Capital Grille is slightly better but bang for the buck, Ray’s blows it out of the water).

    As for the original post, I like Stoney’s. Great burger, cool people, and the price is right.

  • Gonna have to go on a burger tour of DC to decide which one is the best! I travel a fair amount for work and try to go tothe best burger joints in the towns I am in and 5 Guys is still one of the best ones I’ve ever had…constantly top notch!

    I tried Z Burger a few weeks back and it was good, but it definitely wasn’t at the level of 5 Guys. Ray’s Hell Burger is getting a lot of hype so I might make a run into VA to check it out…

  • At Stoneys, you stick to the burgers, pizzas, grilled cheese, and steak sammitch. Veer from that course at your peril.

    I remember the old Stoneys, but this one’s a lot roomier, a LOT cleaner, and the toilet is bigger than a phone booth. Nice touch. The food seems exactly the same.

    Burgers at Lindys and Sign of the whale are solid and, more importantly, cooked to order. I’ve lost track of the burgers that were ruined by being overcooked by someone who doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. The Ollieburger is a local legend, a relic of the old Lums chain restaurants. That funky sauce they use is unique to DC, like Ledo’s pizza. Five Guys is definitely hit-or-miss; one store does it right (Old Town) another doesn’t (Howard U). You can’t tell until you’ve tried.

  • Oh, and I am a big Ollie’s fan as well. Tasty stuff.

  • Best in the city, TUNE INN of course.

  • Stoney’s is great, wish we had something like it in Petworth, but agreed, it is a pale imitation of its former location. In addition to the items listed above, Stoney’s makes a great reuben and open faced roast beef with gravy, and the chili is okay too. A great casual friendly affordable hangout. Need one in Petworth. Now.

  • Z Burger would definitely be in our top pick for the best burgers in D.C. They are fast, delicious and can have basically any topping you want. The fries are a great compliment in the Z Burger seasoning and the secret sauce is a perfect match for the fries and/or the burger.

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