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  • I think Posto has promise. I say that because I went right when it first opened and the service was a bit slow and the wine list was erratic and spotty (it seemed like 2 out of every 3 wines were unavailable). Despite this though the service was friendly, the wines are excellent, and the food is savory and well made!

  • I was highly impressed with it, I went on Tuesday night. Wrote a full write up on my blog.

  • Went about a week and a half ago…liked the food, service was good…not crazy about the atmosphere…tables close together, chairs that appear stackable, and concrete floors make for a noisy dining experience…reviewed on my blog as well…

  • I’m not sure what “Charuterie” is, but I think maybe they need a menu editor.

  • Wasn’t Cyd Charuterie in “An American in Paris?”

  • We had dinner there in early December before seeing “Grey Gardens” at the Studio Theatre next door. The overall experience was positive, although the service was still experiencing a bit of start-up kinks. A pasta dish and the dessert were excellent; my partner enjoyed his pizza, but it was not at the level of DC’s best. As with many similar restaurants, order enough small plates and wine, and you can end up with a pretty large bill for what purports to be an “informal” restaurant. The place is bustling, much noisier than its serene predecessor in the space, and appears to be mobbed nearly every night.

  • Maybe something is wrong with me. Everyone seems to like this place, but the time I went there (admittedly opening night), I did not enjoy it. Service was actually very friendly (in fact, it seemed a bit too quick – felt very rushed), but the wine was very acidic (my choice – and fault, maybe it was just a wine I wouldn’t like, but I usually do like that verital), and the food…… I had boar, which was extraordinarily dry, and a pasta bolognese, which had no complexity whatsoever. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the place. I’ll make it back though, once they’ve had a chance to work on some of the opening issues.

  • Wife and I went and thought it was very mediocre. Fresh pasta was pretty good and the bolognese was reasonably tasty. Pizza, however, was another story. It really was quite bad. If you want decent pizza, this is definitely not the place to go. Perhaps it reflects the fact that the chef is from Northern Italy? I’d probably be willing to give it another shot.

  • Interesting, I had the wild boar this week and while I didn’t exactly find it tender (which is to be expected) I found it moist and very flavorful. I wonder if the two Anoymouses (or Anoymoui) above would feel different if they visited it now, perhaps their minds would change. I had a great experience there, while I didn’t try the pasta or pizza, I was very impressed. Maybe I’ll discover some kinks when I visit again, but as for first impressions, Posto won me over.

  • Also Anonymous 1: maybe you had the wild boar well-done? I ordered it medium, which I imagine made it a lot more tender.

  • I went with friends last week and was quite pleasantly surprised. Thought the food was much better and the menu much more focused than Viridian, which suffered from a severe disassociative personality disorder. Anyway, Posto… I thought the pizzas were very tasty in a Wolfgang Puck/Pizza Paradiso kind of way. My friend had the boar med rare and it was amazing… very gamey and an aquired taste though, to be sure. The squash dessert was really very, very cool and tasty, though the pom sorbet just tasted “pink”. Slightly pricey for what you get, but I’d still take it over the similar Sette on CT.

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