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  • Wow, looks great, and the reviews make me really want to try it. Like the sound of cooking based on seasonal produce and their inherent flavors. Sounds like a long-over-due-special-dinner-out-for/with-the-wife kind of a place. 🙂

  • After reading these comments, I’ve decided to renew my commitment to NOT reading the comments on PoP. I had a moment of weakness. I will not do that again. You folks are harsh beyond measure.

  • Had a great dinner there last week. Lovely service, and delicious food (especially desert). The wine list, while expensive, seems to have a pretty reasonable mark-up (

  • haven’t been to the new location, but went twice before to the old one. excellent food. always done consistently well.

  • Perhaps the best, most under-rated restaurant in the city… I think most people forgot about it after the location change, but it’s phenomanal.

  • saf

    Fabulous place – and the bar menu is an affordable way to try it out.

  • I ate lunch once at the old location and I really liked it. They had some nice vegetarian options–I think I had soup and an omelet. Lunch was a ton cheaper than dinner, so that might be a good option for folks who can get there during the day.

  • I second the suggestion to start with the bar menu. I haven’t been to the new location yet, but loved the old one.

  • If this is the same place that used to be at 14th and K in the hotel it is great! My ex used to work there and the food is tasty! The pizza with the tomato slices on it is amazing!

  • Thumbs way up! My favorite. Their lobster carpaccio is to die for. Great wine pairings too.

  • Wonder what the heck Lenny is talking about.. 🙂

  • this place is great. i’ve been a couple of times (not the new location, but their previous K Street address). food and service are both outstanding. it’s an excellent anchor for the new buildup around the convention center.

  • I was lukewarm on old location, I had a so-so meal for the price my one time there and did not like the atmosphere. The new location, however, I love — much better environment and the one meal I ate there (wish I could afford more …) was truly stellar.

  • GforGood: I think Lenny’s talking about the discussion on the review of Jolt n Bolt: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2009/01/tina-extols-the-joys-of-jolt-n-bolt/. It’s a particularly heated and harsh conversation.

  • Had a great meal the first time I went there at the old location…my wife got the scallops on the linked menu page and they were incredible. Went to the new location about 3 months ago and it was a bit of a letdown; the location is a bit nicer but it felt a little stuffy. The wife got another scallop meal and I got a steak and neither was good as the last time, and it seemed the prices went up and the portions were smaller. Don’t get me wrong, it is good (the soups were the best part of the meal last time), but you can get an equivalent meal for a better price.

    Someone did mention the bar menu was good and a lot cheaper…I have read/heard that from a couple of other places also.

  • I’ve been at the new location twice and had outstanding experiences both times. Dishes tend to be straightforward, use local ingredients, and are impeccably cooked — one of my meals there featured the best scallop preparation I have ever eaten, and the other an excellent, full-flavored lamb dish. Service is professional and very gracious. It is easy to converse in the restaurant; noise levels are reasonable and there is no background music. As far as critical props, Todd Kliman of Washingtonian has put Corduroy at number 18 of his new top 100 restaurant list.

  • One thing to note about it is that I understand there is no background music? My parents are starting to lose their hearing and the background noise of a restaurant is tough for them. The next time they are in town, I am making reservations here.

  • I’ve eated at both the old and new location. The food was wonderful. Service very good. We ate upstairs right by a front window overlooking 9th Street. What I like most is that the new location comes very close to our neighborhood, although it is right across the street from the Convention Center, I consider it more of a “local” restaurant than a downtain tourist destination. I recommend it for special occasions.

  • I’ve “eaten”….. Darn – I have to proof-read better….

  • Really one of the best restaurants in DC…service is amazing…food wonderful and ambiance galore.

  • I went to the old location at the hotel a couple of years ago for my birthday dinner. The serve was attentive, but the food was awful. Flavors and textures were off. I was so disappointed, because I’d heard only good things. I’ve also heard good things about the new location, but for now I’ll stick with places that are more reliably tasty.

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