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1905 Restaurant is located, naturally, at 1905 9th Street, NW. It’s funny I’ve probably walked down this block dozens of times before realizing this was a restaurant. Here’s a look at the menu. Their Web site also says they have live jazz Thursday nights at 10pm and half priced bottles of wine Sun-Wed 5:30-7pm. This place sounds pretty cool. Anyone check it out yet? As always, in addition to the food what’s the atmosphere like?

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  • Why do the places with live jazz start so darn late? Especially on a school night. Guess I am old. Sigh,

  • I was there for a wine party once – they had decent absinthe, and served generously. Haven’t had a chance to get food there yet, but will venture back.

    Atmosphere is really nice – I was there after hours so the tables were moved out for a gathering space/dance floor, but could telll the place could be quiet, dim, and pretty romantic.

  • I’ve been there once and had a very good experience. Wonderful ambiance; dim lighting with lots of rich colors, wood, sconces, and mirrirs. Very small bar area with just enough room to squeeze by to get to the bathrooms. I can’t imagine you’d be able to stand near the bar because of lack of space. The food was nice – nothing out of this world but very very reasonaly priced. Small ecclectic menu which makes it pretty easy to make a decision. Wine list was decent and the coffee is served at your table in a french press. Nice touch.

  • You know I went there a few weeks ago and really liked it. I just had drinks and dessert, but, like other commenters, I really dug the atmosphere and appreciated that the place wasn’t terribly crowded on a Friday night.

    I wrote about it in my blog a few weeks ago.

  • Walking into 1905 is like going through a time machine, winding up in a 1920’s Parisian bistro. I had a pretty tasty croque monsieur and a paris kentucky (absinthe and bourbon). Rest of the menu looked pricey but I look forward to trying it. Classy joint

  • http://www.yelp.com/biz/1905-bistro-washington#hrid:GzjlhykoZY9hStMU-Q_veA/query:1905%20Restaurant

    Although it says 3.5 stars, I looked at those who were giving it high marks, and most of the people had very few reviews (which I am suspect of on Yelp)…

    I think everyone agrees that aesthetically, 1905 is a treat, but I wouldn’t know from personal experience (see photos on Yelp).

  • Had dinner there with a group for a friend’s b’day in late November and the staff was very accommodating and gracious. Nice atmosphere and good food.

  • Been twice for drinks and love the bar atmosphere. Soft lighting, very friendly service, and interesting decor. The burger and fries looked good.

  • The merguez appetizer is very good. The gnocchi was superb — soft and pillowy — although the duck confit topping was a bit blase. Like many of the commenters have noted the atmosphere is charming. Good date place. I would go back and probably try the burger, and perhaps the scallops.

  • great atmosphere and vibe, but the bar is way to narrow and difficult to maneuver.

  • I was there for food and it was very good. Also very good deal for half price bottles of wine 5:30-7 Sun-Wed. Love the decor and the atmosphere.

  • Hmmmm…. the name reminds me of the good old “1919” that was at 1919 9th Street, on the same block, I suppose. Anyone remember that “gem”? (That was one for the gentlemen….)

  • Went there for my birthday dinner, and while the atmosphere was outstanding, the food was merely good (although the 1/2 price wine bumped up the overall enjoyment of the meal). We did, however, get overcharged (“somehow” the the server added the price of the meal onto the tip+plus the meal, effectively double charing us). After my wife discovered this online, the restaurant refunded her the money (although they didn’t offer us anything but a “sorry”) and although the wife was pretty miffed, we subsequently went back for dirnks and had a good time.

  • I haven’t been there yet, but when we tried to go, the prices seemed quite high at least for us…

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