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This home is located in Mt. Pleasant very close to Columbia Heights. I forget the exact street (maybe Brown? A little help?). I don’t understand what they’re doing with the vinyl combined with that brown material. Wouldn’t it be better to have all one or the other? Anyone like this combination? Is it possible that the brown material will eventually cover up all of the vinyl?


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  • Maybe it was something historic preservation made them do? Who knows. Doesn’t look too amazing, although it’s a cool house.

  • I really like the front path and the stonework on the front porch. I’m kind of blah on the gingerbready-vinyl siding look.

  • If it weren’t for the vinyl siding I think I would really like this house.

  • on 17th near Newton

  • Yes, it’s on 17th, just south of Newton. And it’s not really “new” construction — the place has been in various stages of construction for going on 3 years now, and has gone through at least 2, maybe 3 different owners during that time. Hopefully it will finally be done soon (I live close by and have woken up to very loud construction more times than I care to remember).

    Oh, and it’s actually going to be a multi-unit building. 6 units, I think. I’m not exactly sure how it will work, given the one front door, but there you go…

    And, though it doesn’t show up in the picture too well, the driveway and steps up to the front are actually really well done. Looks nice.

  • The siding is wood not vinyl. The combination of the wood and shingles (the brown stuff) approximates the original look of the house. This is actually an old house that has, over the course of 2+ years, been completely gutted and rebuilt. It’s going to be condos or apartments once finished — whenever that might be.

  • Actually looks pretty nice to me!

  • Not all siding is vinyl. This looks great!

  • I’m glad to see they’re finally making progress. That place had been a blight on the neighborhood for a LONG time.

  • Yeah, I gotta say I really like this house. It screams “beach” to me.

  • My friends live on Newton by this house. It’s been under construction for a very long time. I’ve always liked the space it’s a cool house but I can’t believe how long it’s taking. it is a multi unit which is too bad.

  • I liked it better when it was painted blue. Dark blue shingles and light blue wood siding, I believe. Don’t care for the colors but am glad to see there is some progress.

  • The shingle & clapboard combo is VERY traditional for the style of the house. Its also very common to have them painted different colors.

  • Yes, it screams “beach.” Doesn’t really belong here. Would look great at the beach. Doesn’t fit with the city.

  • Speaking of wood vs. vinyl, my sister and her husband just built an addition on the back of their bungalow house in PG County. They wanted to use real wood siding, not vinyl, for the addition and had the hardest time finding it. Their contractor thought they were crazy.

  • Other than the stupid shingles it looks like someone put some thought into this.

  • Sad attempt to look “old”. We live in modern times, build modern if you are building something from scratch.

    ps. Revise the damned constitution already – its old and worn and not THAT special anymore
    ps2. Sorry, got into a ranting mood/mode.. 😉

  • The home is in an historic district, so the owner was required to make all parts visible from the street consistent with the original construction.

  • I don’t mind the shingle/siding look, but visually the shigles should extend around the entire house at the same level. It looks really weird on the side where it is all siding meeting the front where the top third is shingles – really bothers me.

  • There are turn of the (previous) century, similarly styled, cedar over siding Victorians in that area of MtP, so this house is not as out of place as it would be in most of DC.

  • This has been under renovation for more than 3 years. About a year ago, there was a sign indicating a bank foreclosure auction. Does anyone know whether the current builder/developer is the original developer?

  • This house has been in various stages of construction since I’ve lived in MtP. I live at the other end of the block. There was a contractor living in the home with his family who could never seem to make headway (the cobbler’s children have no shoes?). He sold it to the brothers who redid the Casa Vista into condos next door and also turned some other old houses into condos. I have heard they are major procrastinators whose inability to finish on time caught up with them when the financing came due; home values fell and they were underwater. The bank foreclosed and tried to sell at an auction but that did not work out. The neighbors complained about the trash and mess and the bank finally decided (apparently) to finish the work and then sell the units. Now that the bank has been in charge, this thing is finally coming to an end! I think it looks ok, and yes, it is actually quite in character with other houses in the neighborhood. Of course, most of them don’t have big condo buildings hanging off the back of them.

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