Judging Buildings/Development Watch – The Lacey


Located on 11th just south of Florida Ave., The Lacey, looks like it’s nearly completed. I have to admit as I’ve watched it’s progress this building continues to grow on me. I truly think it’s super cool. You?


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  • I dig all of the metal and glass construction that’s going on. Its a nice contrast to all of the amazing traditional architecture thats in DC as well.

  • I think it’s really ugly.
    With all that glass and metal I suspect the heating and cooling costs will be too high.

  • super cool and i am not really into modern architecture.

  • I live down the block and am not very happy with it. I think it sticks out in a not-so-nice way. If it was in another neighborhood it’d be great, just not here.

  • I agree with Thor – that thing’s been ugly since day one. It looks poorly designed and uninviting.

    But the Florida Avenue Grill is right next door, so it can’t be that bad…

  • In the 2nd photo the grill looks like a little sad puppy nuzzling up at the ankles of its owner, a space robot.

  • Vonstallin

    mixed…..1 thumb up because I thought this wa s a “U-Store” storage spot
    1 thumb down because now it will look like you live in a “U-Store” storage spot.

    how much you think condos are going for?

  • pricing is at their website – from the $300s to $800s for 1,500+ square foot units with 500 square foot exterior spaces.

    I think this is phenomenal. wow.

  • Man, you know a neighborhood is becoming gentrified when the Borg move in…

  • The building is amazing and design (both interior and exterior) is super cool. In my mind it fits in fine in that area — that stretch of 11th from Florida to U is full of very cool, very modern buildings, including one other glass-and-steel box plue the very contemporary house on W, so I don’t really understand how this does not “fit in.” This is actually one of the few contemporary niches in an otherwise victorian row-house dominated area.

    I checked out a few of the units and could not BELIEVE how pricey they were — clearly they are selling to design-conscious people, because the prices per square foot were quite high for the area.

  • Not really feeling it. They did have friendly guard dogs there for a while though. Not sure I’d pay a half mil to be next to FL Ave Grill’s exhaust vent or totally sweet grease bins. I like the food there but damn.

  • Yeah, just checked pricing — my memory was accurate — generally around 600 per square foot without parking. Isn’t the usual pricing (sans parking) for new construction closer to 500 in that area?

  • I’m a customer at the Florida Avenue Grill, and the Wilsons own the Lacey, said they have numerous affordable housing units, this will help the Wilsons with income, along with the out of this world soul food served there, Miss Roxie’s friendly service, and the staff, James with his spirituals (Don’t worry about a thing for one) heard from the kitchen, Carolyn the manager, Elijah, Amyr, Bobby, Dominic and others.
    The new building is striking, very impressive, noting across the street is Cardozo HS and Garfield terrace public housing project.

  • Florida Ave Grill is the best, really a treasure. This building reminds me of something Dutch, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. But, it is indeed better than the empty lot or the massive public housing complex across the corner.

  • I give it points for being a little different than some of the other blah condo projects that have gone up over the past few years but geeze, when the H-E-double-hockey-sticks are they going to be done with it? The construction seems to be going painfully slow.

  • “If it was in another neighborhood it’d be great, just not here.”

    That’s sort of a funny sentiment, since the architect lives on 10th St (2 blocks away?) and designed 5 houses on 10th and another on 11th. The whole area has his thumbprint on it now – and I believe Division1 has at least one more lot on 10th still to develop.

  • ontarioroader – your comment totally caught me by surprise and made me LOL – thanks!

  • I live a few blocks away. I dont mind the building, but it makes the Florida Avenue Grill look really odd. Like an appendage or wart sticking out off the side. They don’t look good attached.

  • Vonstallin

    LOL the borg…go oh Trekie !!!!!
    Live long and prospure

  • It looks like something Frank Lloyd Wright regurgitated.

  • Binklesworth, this has absolutely no resemblance to anything Frank Lloyd Wright designed-is that the only architect you know of, or are you just totally clueless?

    The units in that building are way overpriced. The developer might want to note that we are in a the middle of a recession.

  • loganmo, I think Binklesworth was making a joke. most comments regarding vomiting are not meant to be taken literally.

  • Sounds like people either love the Lacey or hate it. I definitely love it. So many cool modern buildings around 10th, 11th, V, and W now. DC has more than its fair share of historic neighborhoods with classic architecture, so I’m all for the north-of-U area becoming DC’s modern district.

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