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This condo is located at 1320 13th Street, NW and was completed around 2003, I think. What do you think of the alternating brick and blue windows? Is it worthy of the name the Icon?


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  • I think the brick brings a much needed change. However, it should have been called The One Hit Wonder instead of The Icon!

  • I enjoy the deco look of it. However, I can’t really place on which block it’s located in my head, and can’t really tell if it works with the surroundings. But, by itself, I do like it: it’s classy, not bland-looking, and not as pretentious as the glut of architecture student masturbation sessions they call condos north of U street.

  • The Icon is a little pretentious but I dig the building

  • just south of Logan Circle and north of N St. THere are a couple of units in that building for sale.

    i looked at one a couple of years ago before i bought my house. the interiors were kind small and dark, and the unit i saw was advertised as 2 bedrooms, although bedroom #2 was a windowless extension of the main living area closed off with french doors. it was ridiculously priced at something like $480,000.

  • Vonstallin

    Its on the opposite side of the BP gas station and Mr Wash car wash.

    My friend and co-worker live in the building on N st. When i giver rides home I allways find something new i like about the building.

    Upclose you can see they used alot of brused Stainless Steel (im a fan of brushed SS).
    It looks cool hip n hot.

    Look wise, Im not sure how long any of these sexy new buildings will last.
    I mean its as sexy as marlyn monroe 45 years ago…but how sexy would she be today?

    Here are some high up shots i took from my friends apartment on N street. You can see some more buildings next to it.

    I took these one year ago this month.



  • I llike the building, but not in this location. The height and style diminish the overall appearance of the block, which feaures some fantastic residential buildings.

  • Vonstallin

    I swear…I need to profread my sh*t more b4 posting.

  • I lol everytime I see the names of these hoity toity condos. I am holding out until “The Aristocrat” gets built or maybe even one called “The Blueblood’

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