Join An Urban Gardening Group Even If You Don’t Have a Yard!

my backyard – phase 1, originally uploaded by brandy.bones.

Well, this is one of the cooler emails I’ve received in a while. I might have to offer up my backyard.

From an email:

One of the biggest challenges facing urban gardeners is access to land. It’s hard to garden in an apartment, but most of the community gardens in the city have years-long waitlists. So what’s a would-be gardener to do?

Sharing Backyards was created to address that need! The website encourages urban gardening by connecting people who have space to garden and are willing to share with people who would like to have a gardening space. Whether you’re an apartment dweller in search of some good earth or a property-owner with land to share, this site’s for you.

The DC chapter of Sharing Backyards is brand new, and we hope you all will take a minute to visit the website. Go to to add your listing to the city map and help us get the project off the ground.

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  • I like it. I wonder if anyone would be interested in my front yard. It’s just an ordinary, raised, postage-stamp sized area with a japanese maple, but perhaps some green-thumbed person would want to re-design and maintain it. I’d foot the bill for new plantings and design elements.

    Do people do that for fun? I don’t consider gardening a hobby, any more than I consider cleaning the gutters and taking out the trash a hobby. Or do people in the city just want a place to grow tomatoes?

  • There are alot of plots left at the fort totten metro station if anyone wants to have an urban garden

  • Yes, people do it for fun. Odd I know…

  • For those who actually enjoy gardening, any amount of land can be like a drink in the desert. I remember trying to grow tomatoes when I lived in an apartment building – it just ain’t the same as actual ground. So even if your yard is small, I’d say post it on the website and see if someone’s interested. You never know.

  • “I remember trying to grow tomatoes when I lived in an apartment building…”

    Yeah greenie, what else were you growing in that apartment? You know what I mean…or not. WEED FOOL!!!

  • Seriously, for some reason, when I hear the term “urban garden”, I immediately think of a big patch of marijuana plants. Shows you where my mind is. That does it. Time to “go green” (that’s my term for gettin’ high).

  • Gardening in your back lot is a good way to get to know the neighbors too. In the springtime we had help from local kids (until they got bored) and lots of advice from the elderly neighbors. It was satisfying also to be able to give our elderly neighbors fresh veggies for their table. Even if you have a small back lot you can grow all kinds of stuff in DC (assuming you get sun), we’re going to have sweet corn this year.

  • Great to see that Sharing Backyards has gotten off the ground in Washington, DC!!

    Anyone in other areas who’s interesting in bringing the program to their town or city can use the “info” email contact on the website. More details can be found at

    With the rising cost of fuel and food, its a good time for us all to share resources and get planting!

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