Isn’t Crab Seafood?

DSCN6115, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve come to appreciate Seafood & Things but Seafood & Crab just seems a bit redundant… This is from 14th Street south of U near my beloved Taco Bell.

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  • Vonstallin

    Damn, Sounds like something I’d eat…then catch a case of…Blah !

  • Also, since I moved to DC 2 years ago it’s been the “Grand Opening.” I’d say a 2 year long “Opening” celebration sure is “Grand!”

  • Yeah that place isn’t exactly new… grand opening … ok. But at least you gotta give the place props for sticking with a theme: seafood and crabs vs seafood and pizza and chicken and chinese and subs and….

  • But seafoodpizzachickenchinesesubs IS a theme! It’s like coldbeerwinesoda, or every restaurant in town having a burger and chicken caesar salad on their menus, no matter how disgustingly inappropriate. Who the hell orders a caesar salad at a Salvadorean place? Yet there it is.

  • Last year they had an “Under New Management” sign. I’m so glad they didn’t change the name of the place. Crack up laughing every time I see this.

  • I believe it used to be a bona fide Arthur Treacher’s.

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