Indy ATMs Popping Up All Over The U Street Area


In one of the comments earlier in the week a reader noted this proliferation of independent ATMs around U Street. Back in Sep. 2007 I wondered why there were no Chevy Chase Bank ATMs in Petworth, Columbia Heights and U Street. (Turned out Columbia Heights has one but Petworth and inexplicable U Street metro doesn’t have one.) It still seems crazy to me that the U Street metro doesn’t have a Chevy Chase ATM. Who’s with me on that? I suppose that contributes to the indy ATMs around U Street but also as U Street becomes a huge nightlife spot, I suppose people need their cash. Do you think the U Street metro will get a Chevy Chase ATM anytime soon? (If Chevy Chase doesn’t go out of business that is.)

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  • It wouldn’t hurt to have another bank or two on U Street, it’s better than vacant store fronts.

  • who cares? ATM fees are for suckers. Get an account that reimburses you for all ATM fees.

  • I love the term “indy ATMs” I might just have to incorporate it into my daily vocabulary.

  • The surface that the ATM in the pic is affixed to used to be a door.

  • Chevy Chase isn’t going out of business so much as they were bought out by Capitol One. So pretty much I wouldn’t expect more Chevy Chase ATMs anytime soon.

  • Do not pay attention to the comments of Anonymous at 11:03 a.m. We do not want more banks on U Street. We prefer the hope that an empty storefront will be replaced with something cool to the promise of SUCK and DRAIN that a bank provides. Banks generate almost zero foot traffic and I always view them as a lost opportunity for a neighborhood.

  • All those Chevy Chase ATMs started proliferating in the late 90s as part of a strategy to blanket the region with them (for fees, brand visibility, and convenience for their customers, I imagine). The section of the Green Line between Mt. Vernon Square and Fort Totten hadn’t been built at that point. I wonder if they simply stopped setting out new ATMs at some point, so the newest stations don’t have them. I guess you could see by checking if the new stations at the far ends of the green and blue lines in PG have them.

  • Use credit cards instead, it’s safer and easier, assuming one could use them responsibly.

  • It always amazed me that there is no Chevy Chase branch around Petworth Metro. The closest is i think in Chillum, MD

  • Anyone notice the ATMs on U St. where you can withdraw as little as $1? Seems slightly counterproductive to withdraw $1 to pay $4 in ATM fees…

  • While I’d absolutely hate to see more banks, Bank of America, TD Bank and/or Capital One/Chevy Chase Bank should consider a branch on the boarded up corner of U Street and 9th, since they don’t have a location in the general vicinity. That corner is such an eye sore and is unlikely to be developed anytime soon. Maybe that would encourage some further development in that area.

  • 9th street has a lot of development on it.

  • Stephanie – yes!!! There’s one on the corner of Georgia&Kennedy, by Simon’s. It arrived about a month ago, offering withdrawals of $1 or more, and now has a sign on it that it’s closed until further notice.

    On a side note, Simon’s now has Wings-n-Things “Mumbo sauce.” I always thought it was Mambo sauce, but what do I know, I’ve never had it. The BF loves it, though.

  • Most (if not all) PNC Bank ATMs that I’ve been to allow you to take out money in $1 increments, and I believe they do not charge their own ATM fee either.

    And I agree with the commenter above that said you should get a bank that reimburses ATM fees; in this day and age it is just plain stupid to be paying ATM fees. You could easily set up an online checking account that charges no fees, and reimburses other bank’s ATM fees, that you only use for ATM purposes (i.e., you just keep a “ATM” money in it, and do an internet transfer from your normal checking account whenever it gets low…or you could set it up to automatically transfer money from your normal checking account whenever it gets below X dollars).

  • While not quite U Street, there is a new PNC at 14/P. It is very nice and they allow puppies!

  • @ Stephanie: it’s not counterproductive for the owner of the ATM, these machines are set up to gouge for fees. Personally I would never stick my card in that type of machine anyway. Too many cases of fraud involving these indy ATMs

  • Why use ATM’s? If you need cash, just ask Mika Brzezinski.

  • I’ve always wondered why there are no Bank of America ATMs on U street. They’re all clustered in Columbia Heights.

  • “Indy ATMs” make me nervous. I’m too afraid that someone will pop up out of nowhere and run off with my money.

  • So does anyone know who owns/runs these “indy ATM’s”. The businesses they’re attached to or is it something shady like the phone cards/russian organized crime thing here?

  • Probably the individuals who own the businesses. I suppose they figure they could earn some extra cash.

  • hey folks, here’s a secret way to avoid ATM fees on U street. go to the ATM inside the 3rd District Police station.

    ps – haha, darkside

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