Inauguration Photo Contest Pics 3-12

Inauguration Doug

Thanks to all who sent in photos and tagged photos in fickr. Due to the many entries I can only enter one photo per person (which is extremely difficult to do!).It was a phenomenal turn out and I’m afraid I can no longer accept entries. Of course you can still join the new flickr pool I created called PoPville photos. In the pool you can enter up to 3 photos a day capturing the beautiful life from any of our neighborhoods. So please feel free to add photos whenever you’d like!

Above is a photo from “The Hay Say”.

Below is an entry from Liz who writes: “Here’s a shot of two little girls, one from Vermont and the other from Ottawa, who trekked to DC for the big day.”


Below is a great shot of the crowds from Lauren who writes: “They were taken by my partner from the top of the jumbotron tower between 14th and 15th on the Mall where I was working production.”


I’m gonna need some help so let me know in the comments which one(s) you like the best. I still have more entries going up next week but I’d like to announce a winner and some honorable mentions next Friday. More entries after the jump.

Below is a photo from Liz in Park View.

air freshener

Below is a photo from Brett.


Below is a photo from Binklesworth.


Below is a cool crowd shot from Meg.


Below is a cool contrast photo of before the crowds arrived from Stephanie who writes: “The night pictures were taken at 5 A.M. I was a red hat volunteer, so that’s why I got there so early.”

Inauguration 50

Quite a contrast from the below shot from Jeff.

Inauguration 045

Lastly, for today, below find a photo from Ila who adds a different perspective from the crowd.


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  • Even though the top one is mine, I have to say that the third (from Lauren) is incredible. Just looking at the sea of people blows my mind.

  • I have to agree with DHay. I’ve seen a lot of the photos of the crowds, but that one is the best I’ve seen.

  • Vonstallin

    I 3rd the motion…
    BeJezUz….thats the ultimate Mosh Pit….
    Imagine jumping into that.

    That picture is the winner.

  • …and the OBAMA ice sculpture is STILL frozen!

  • I didn’t realize I’d in the running up against multiple people with “special access rights” to the Mall, but I agree that the photo from Lauren is one of the best crowd shots I’ve seen anywhere.

    It also seems to negate the satellite photo they’ve been showing on CNN from 40 minutes before the swearing in, which makes the crowd look much sparser in that area.

  • I agree about the satellite photo. I was standing in that crowd around the Monument and from what I saw it was MUCH more crowded than it appears on CNN’s picture. It is too bad they didn’t take it later, because I would love to see the final image.

  • I’ve gotta vote for Lauren’s photo too, takes my breath away…though the one of the little girls who traveled many miles to wave their flags for the new prez makes me want to procreate, like, yesterday.

  • Vonstallin

    I’m not sure if anyone posted this.

    Its the super high resolution picture of Obama making his speach. You can zoom in on every person. Bush looks like he is trying to text message lol.

    Containing over 2GB of photo data and comprised of over 220 images shot from a Canon G10 Bridge camera on a Gigapan robotic camera mount, David Bergman’s incredibly detailed panorama is filled with pieces of information that you previously weren’t able or bothered to see. Some are just obviously cool—nearly being able to read the sheet music on performers stands, seeing the comically varied expressions in the VIP area behind the President as he speaks—but others are more subtly awesome.

    Take Yo-Yo Ma snapping a picture on his iPhone, the unreal number of personal digital cameras or the endless, imposing banks of photography equipment surrounding the event from every conceivable angle.

  • I also vote for Lauren’s photo (I am not the Lauren who submitted it, but my name is also Lauren 🙂 )

  • Ugh – I’m torn between The Hay Say’s pic and Lauren’s – both pics get me all teary-eyed.
    The Obama air fresheners kill me, though.

  • I don’t think any of my photos are “photo of the day”-worthy, but if you’d like to see what life was like that day from the parade route, feel free to check out my website. My vote is for Lauren’s crowd photo.

  • I too vote for Lauren’s photo. Lauren, you should send that picture into the ‘’ site to be included in the “Official Inaugural Photos”. Great shot!

  • I vote for Meg — that photo is pretty cool!

  • Thanks everyone; it was one of those once in a lifetime days when almost everywhere you looked there was something going on you wanted to hold on to. And Amel that is a great idea – I will send it in, who knows, maybe Obama himself might see our photos.

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