Inauguration Photo Contest Entry

Inauguration Day, originally uploaded by quigley_brown.

Wow, this one is really powerful. It was taken by “quigley brown” who wrote:

“This woman’s emotions spilled as she listened to Aretha Franklin sing ‘My Country Tis Of Thee.’ “

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  • This is the winner…no doubt.

  • She must have eaten at Dos Gringo’s before she went to the inauguration…..

  • I love this one.

  • this is great – Aretha singing was the only time a tear came to my eye, too. if she was out on the mall, then this is obviously photoshopped. do we have the original?

  • Best so far. Got my vote!

  • I know I’ve seen the color version of this photo — where, I’m not sure…perhaps even a photo by someone else of the same person. I have to say I like the color version when she’s part of the crowd on the mall better, it’s an amazing shot.

  • Zoom, why did you have to ruin the vibe like that? 😉

    It’s such a touching photo. Many emotions can be invoked from its simplicity. Awesome.

  • Crassly, and cynically, I am reminded of a robbery alert posted the other day:

    Robbery Hold Up Gun @ 626 14th Pl., N.E. LOF B/M w/dread, jacket and an Obama button on front, dark pants. L/S heading toward to F street. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #

    My point being that Obama buttons are now being used in robberies! Ayeeeeeeeh!

  • Thanks for the comments everyone. It’s not Photoshopped (other than mono-toning it). I was standing behind a set of bleachers at 14th & Pennsylvania and she was just sort of standing back and keeping to herself. I didn’t post the color version.

  • W.I.N.N.E.R.

  • Incredible. I imagine you could have this published nationally (not to suggest POP is not prestigious, just ask the NYT :)).

  • Until this one, my vote was with the crowd shot a few days ago. But this one takes it.

  • My eyes often tear when I get cold in a breeze, makes me wonder if she’s really thinking “STFU Aretha and get the swearing in done, I am COLD!!!’

  • The day racism died.

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