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I once showed this potential beauty from Mt. Pleasant back, back, back in the day. If memory serves I think it was for sale. I was a bit sad to see it was still in a state of disrepair. Anyone know the scoop on this house located at the corner of 18th and Monroe?

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  • Here’s what I heard, and take it for what it’s worth. The current owner purchased it with lottery winnings (again, grain of salt…) but clearly can’t keep up the maintenance. It was on the market for a long time, for around $2 million, through multiple realtors, and he knocked the price down a paltry $10,000 about a year ago. It’s now, sadly, a money pit. I just hope someone saves it before it becomes a tear-down. It’s a damn shame that the owner has allowed it to deteriorate; it just kills me to walk by it.

  • lovely house. someone will end up with quite the bargain

  • I used to live up the street from this one, and it’s been in this condition for as long as I can remember. And although it looks abandoned, someone actually lives there full time. It’s enormous and you could easily spend a mil restoring it.

  • I would love to have a pile of money and fix this baby up. That is my dream. Sigh.

  • This is a visual definition of money pit. It’s much overpriced for the ‘hood to begin with, and big houses mean huge renovation costs.

  • We should pool our money (about a thousand of us), buy it, and fix it up. We would agree that, while sometimes painted brick is very nice, that in this case it would remain virgin, and that in no case would we consider adding a pop-up.

    I used to live directly across the street from that house, and if I had been 20 years younger, I would have been absolutely sure that it was haunted. In all the time I lived on 18th, I never saw anyone come or go, but I sometimes saw shadowy shapes moving around inside. Creepy, in a delicious sort of way.

  • Everytime I walk by this house (especially during the holidays), I can’t help but think of the old house in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Someday I hope someone saves this beautiful house and fills it with friends, family, and memories.

  • This house is amazing inside. Everything original including the kitchens and baths, mantles and floors. Obviously in very bad shape but beautiful-

  • Anonymous 11:10pm:

    I was told by someone whose friend lived there years ago that the owner of the house was badly burned in a fire in the UK, the guy claimed it was the 1996 Channel Tunnel Fire, and that he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in a settlement that he used to by the house. But he didn’t have a regular job and things quickly ran downhill.

    Take that with a grain of salt, but it matches your “lottery” story.

    dc_publius, the house is overpriced for condition, but it’s sitting around a dozen houses that have sold in the last 10 years in the $1 million and up range. It’s average priced for the neighborhood.

    In the 90s I’d see people mow the lawns and the like. It was kept up for years.

  • I LOVE this house. Every time I walk by I just stare at it. How much would it take to restore it? $5 mil? I have about 1% of that – just need 99 other investors. We can take turns living in it 🙂 Who’s in?

  • I actually heard a very different story from someone who lives next to this house – take it or leave it! The fellow who currently owns the home inherited it (maybe from the lottery winner?). He supposedly lives in the Netherlands or the UK. He is totally out of touch with the condition of the home and its likely value in the current market. Not many of the houses right around it have gone for anything like 1m – that’s more the really nice, totally renovated homes on Park Road. He is trying to sell it for more than two million. We are acquainted with someone who has attempted to buy the house who says the owner is completely unwilling to negotiate. By comparison, Camille Barnett’s home on Park Road, completely renovated with large, also renovated out buildings and nice grounds, is currently going for $2.9m. As someone who owns a historic home in the historic district, I can confirm that fixing it up will be prohibitively expensive and is getting more expensive as time goes by.

  • This house was sold in ’97 for $400K. It was on the market for almost 100 days at $499K. It’s showing up now “under contract” and was due to settle Oct. 8 ’08. It was on for $1.9M. Something tells me the S#@% hit the fan when the market tanked. Not too uncommon these daysk, unfortunately.

  • I love this house so much. I have seen people inside before although it seemed a little sketchy.

  • I wish this would be the subject of This Old House’s second season in DC. Anyone know Norm Abram? It’s the perfect candidate. But I agree that you’d have to be sitting on a pile of bank to renovate it — in addition to the massive work it needs (there are visible holes in the roof) — it’s in a historical district and would face all the scrutiny and regulation that comes along with it.

  • the owner lives in puerto rico and is a drug addict. i’ve tried to buy the building ten times. its been under contract for a year but has never closed because the owner can’t get his head out of his ass to actually perform on the sale.

    i will buy this building.

    i promise you all!

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