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  • Vonstallin

    I like the looks….maybe after a revival….but for some reason If I was on the market this could only be a temporary home.

    It dont have that “Lets get old together” look.

  • love that house. sits between a bunch of condos-apartment buildings so out of place. def looks New Orleans. there has been work going on there for awhile. not sure if its a single residence or going to be condos or what but Id love to know the story if anyone has any info.

  • I spent a lot of time there – many many friends of mine have lived there over the years up until about ’02. It was set up as a separate large 2 or 3 bedroom apt. on each of the 2 floors. Last I heard a very nice couple from WV had bought the house and were living in the downstairs apt and renting out the upstairs. The upstairs apt has hopefully been rehabbed by now, but it had a great ’60’s formica kitchen island and a carpeted bathroom [which at least made for some comfortable passing-out after parties]. Lots of great parties and memories from there.

    On the historical front, I think this house used to actually be the quarry master’s house and that there was a functioning quarry way back in the day [the house is on Quarry Rd].

  • i dig it. would love to see this fixed up

  • Yeah, it does feel New Orlean’sy. Its really unique…and awesome. I’d love to live there.

  • always wondered about that house when I lived on Summit

  • My friends rent the upstairs apt.

  • ain’t nothing New Orleans about it. 2 things that stick out the most as totally not New Orleans is the basement and no upstairs balcony.

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