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This home is super cool because it used to be a bank. Ed. Note: Nichole was able to give me a bit of a tour around the Hill and provide some background info – like the fact that this home used to be a bank. Super cool. It also has a very odd lawn decoration.


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  • I think the lawn art is a grinding wheel from a flour (or similar) mill. Either that or a cog from a stone age time machine.

  • the family that lives in this house are orthodox jews and had a pretty awesome sukkah in their front yard during Sukkot.

  • It’s a spare Hughes bit from one of my oil wells.

  • Pretty soon, there will be a lot more “former” banks.

  • I live around the corner (PoP, I must be passing you on the street without knowing!).

    The people who converted it from a bank to their residence (don’t know if they still live there) were serious art collectors as well and made the place into something of an art museum. It’s been on the Capitol Hill House Tour at least twice. It was quite dazzling, but it was kind of hard to imagine _living_ amidst that art.

    The odd stuff in the yard is, of course, sculpture.

  • I think the inside of this house was featured on some show on HGTV or something. I remember thinking – I know this house! If I remember correctly this was pretty sweet on the inside.

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