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I always find this big stand alone houses between rowhouses to be unusual. I’m betting there are some amazing original details inside here.

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  • Vonstallin

    You are not going to believe me, but thats my grand moms hose to the left. Well was her house before she went into the DC Old folks thingy. ROck Creek Church Road. This is the second time and second house that you have shown that my Mom grew up in.

    I remember my dad droping me off back in 1975 while driving his Gold Dodge Road Runner. The whole street use to be covered like a tunnel from the Ultra tall Oak or what ever type of tree they were. So different nowadays.

    That house in this picture havent had anything done to it since early 80’s (at least on the outside.) Well except for the latice work and one new widow uptop.
    Very deep and big houses.

    Ill ask my mom about the grey house. It is a story with it. I dont think its a stellar story.

  • There are a number of these homes throughout Columbia Heights, Petworth, and Mt. Pleasant. These standalone homes are the original homes for the area when it was mostly farmland. They go back to the 1800s whereas the rowhomes were developed in the 20th century from mostly 1900 to 1920. Typically they owned all the surrounding land and when the expansion pressure came uptown and land prices went up, they sold but kept their homes. I know there another one like this on the 1400 block of Monroe, 1400 block of Newton, and 1600 block of Newton.

  • Beautiful! Would love to be invited to a party there!

    But wound not like to pay their gas heating bill.

  • I’ve seen this house on RC Church Road, it has character, almost identical to those SF homes on Alamo Square, another house nearby is at 739 with a wrap around porch, red tin roof, with the carriage house in back as reminder of the area’s former rural character, there are others nearby that echo this.

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