H St NE Gets New Free Shuttle

Stan’s Clothing H St NE Washington DC, originally uploaded by chip py the photo guy.

And the Phillies won the World Series! Yeah, I’m a little late on this one but I was waiting to see if could get a photo of one of the new shuttles. Anyway, the blog Frozen Tropics: Shuttle Info posted all about this:

“H Street Northeast business leaders launched the new H Street Shuttle Wednesday, January 14th in front of the Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H Street, NE. Noting concern about transportation during the multi-year H Street “Great Streets” streetscape project, and the need for improved connections for H Street businesses, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells worked with the DC Department of Transportation to identify funds to create a shuttle service for the corridor. The shuttle service will provide express services connecting the Gallery Place and Minnesota Avenue Metro Stations, with a limited number of stops on H Street, NE and run on an approximate 30 minute headway schedule.”

A reader also wrote me saying:

“As a resident of Columbia Heights, I’m pumped I can get to H Street in a more efficient manner (hopping the Green Line then shuttling). Hopefully, it will be timely, convenient, etc. Just thought your readers would be interested.”

I think this is fantastic news. I have a buddy who lives down there and I really enjoy the Pug, Rock and Roll Hotel and the Argonaut. However, it always has been a bit of pain getting there. Hmm, I guess this would be a good time to ask – what’s your favorite bar/destination on H Street, NE? Will the shuttle from the Chinatown metro increase your trips there?

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  • Taylor Deli! I love the chicken cutlet sammys… Especially the one with rapini. They sell all sorts of Italian goodies, though not as good as Literi Market in the meat-packing district, and they sell wines (definitely better than Literi)! T
    hey are really nice and the decor is simple but funky with an open kitchen. I do enjoy sitting at one of the four bar stools in front of the kitchen and eating while the owner cooks away.

  • Awesome. I had no idea.

    To answer the question: I absolutely love the two-stop Pug and Granville. Stop in Granville, put my name down, put a couple back at the Pug while waiting, then head back for the best damned frittes in the city.

    Dammit; now I’m jonesing.

  • Has anyone tried it the shuttle yet? I haven’t had the chance and was wondering if it comes on schedule, how full it is, etc.

    I have a good friend that lives in the area and I’m really looking forward to not walking the mile and a half over to H street from Union station, forcing someone to drive me there and making them the DD, or taking a cab.

  • They also have some pretty fly clothing stores there. I can’t remember the names but they are right before you get to the bar scene.

  • rock and roll hotel & the black and red are both great venues for music. i love the arg for the SoCal fish tacos & ipa night. i’m a big fan of monday night specials on mussels at granville moore’s and sushi heaven at sticky rice. friday nights on H street are great as well and the martini bar is always packed out, though i’ve never been.

  • saf

    How is this any different from the X bus?

  • The shuttle is free and has different stops than the X bus.

  • I live about 2 blocks from the Argo and have used this shuttle. I used it last night coming from GP metro heading home. I was on the only one on the shuttle for the entire trip. The shuttles are very clearly marked, you can’t miss it. My driver was super friendly and we were laughing as we blew past the X2 that I was about to get on before realizing I could take the shuttle.

    When I was out on H St the weekend the shuttles started, I saw 3 passing while I was sitting at the Pug. The post on Frozen Tropics has the detailed schedule.

    The shuttle is free, it makes about 1/10 of the stops that the X2 does, it is clean, safe, etc. Much much much better than the X2.

    And, hands down, the Argo is the best part on H St!

  • The shuttle works great ! From the Gallery Place metro, it stops only like 3 times before the Atlas. I take classes at the Joy of Motion, and I’ve found it to be very dependable. Love napa 1015 and Sticky Rice

  • Surprised I haven’t see Stans as a “super dope sky fresh sign”…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    You’re just not looking hard enough geezer!


  • I second the Granville-Pug two-step.

    Seems like H St is getting more and more crowded on the the weekends (Granville’s has always been crowded) in recent months. Do people think this is true or am I imagining it?

  • U St Girl – just take the 90 buses – they’ll take you from U right to 8th and H. 2-3 block walk from there is all it takes.

  • Late night fried fish at Horace and Dickies after a night of 2 dollar beers at the Pug!

  • @Derek – it is definitely getting more crowded on weekends. I can remember walking into the Red and the Black on a Friday night and there only being 5 people at the bar. Last time I was there on a weekend, and it was standing room only downstairs. It’s great for the neighborhood and the owners of the establishments, but I do miss quiet, empty H St. from time to time. But mostly I just go during the week, and it’s still pretty relaxed. Notable exceptions are Sticky Rice, which gets packed every night, and the aforementioned G. Moore’s, which is packed by 6pm.

  • Hahaha, PoP that link is too funny!

  • tonysmallframe, yeah I know the bus is more direct, but I’m terrible with buses. I always am paranoid I’m going to miss the stop I want to get off at and it just doesn’t work. I should get used to riding the bus though, as it is easier.

    Oh, and my two cents, I like a lot of places at on H street, from Sticky Rice to Rock n Roll to Pug. I’ve wanted to eat at Granville Moore’s, but never seem to get there when there isn’t a long wait. I also want to check out Johnny Valentine’s, I’ve heard good stuff about it.

  • Thursday last week my boyfriend and I went to granville moore’s and just as we came out a white shuttle pulled up in front of the restaurant. It was and unexpected and very pleasant surprise. We asked the guy where he was going and if he charged and he said that it was a new free service that drops you off in Chinatown. There was one other person in the bus, I believe he is the owner of Rock and Roll Hotel and/or Sticky Rice and told us all about the grant for the shuttle, etc. I told him that they should open a Rock and Roll Hotel 2 in CH… I guess rents are too expensive…

    Anyhow, while we waited to get a table at granville from 1.5 hours, we went next door to The Pug for some drinks, there were only 3 other people and the bartender was phenomenal. I’m going to be hanging out on H street a lot more now.

  • To follow up and answer some questions – H St is DEF more busy now than it used to be. If you don’t get to Sticky Rice early in the evening, you will def be waiting for a while. On 1/20, the Argo was PACKED. At about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, as the crowds were leaving the mall, you could not even get close to getting a table. I love it! As a homeowner, I think this is a good “problem” to have! But yes, H St is getting more and more crowded. There are nights I go from bar to bar (so easy to do!) and it looks, sort of, like an Adams Morgan – people everywhere, cabs, etc!

  • Try any of the H Street places early in the week. Usually you can get a table without waiting at 7pm on a Tuesday night.

    FWIW, I thought the best frites in the city were at the now closed Les Halles. Granville Moore’s frites are ok, but the dipping sauces make them AMAZING. (They don’t seem like they do the double-fry that real Belgian frites stands do. But Belgians also use a different potato too.)

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