Good Deal or Not? Up on a Hill Edition


This home is located at 1430 Taylor Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Sophisticated, high-end renov of 1920s TH on lovely tree-lined st, steps to Rock Creek Park, Metro, shops & restaurants! Stylish granite/SS kit w/ breakfast rm & sunrm, sep DR, modern LR w/ custom staircase & FP, sunny master ste w/ dressing rm, 3BR + fam rm, Ann Sacks tile bath, fin bsmnt workrm, PKNG, deep gardens, patio, HWF, designer lighting & fixtures, & more!”

More info and tons of photos here.

Ok, folks were a bit disappointed with yesterday’s GDoN but check out the pictures on this house. I’m not a huge fan of the staircase but otherwise this seems like a really nice reno. I also like this block because it is really close to Rock Creek Parkway. I guess one of the drawbacks is that it is not super close to a metro. It’s been on the market for 117 days and the asking price is $649,000. To me that doesn’t seem insane for a nice reno. What do you think it can actually sell for? What do you think of the renovation itself?

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  • Wow, that is a gorgeous house but it’s nowhere near the Metro and it only has 1 full bath. So I don’t see it going for more than $525k.

  • Maybe $550, but the metro accessibility is a problem. Some of the features I find valuable are gone (what happened to the original staircase), but they did a very nice job.

    Also, really shows that hiring a good stager pays off (though apparently not well enough.)

  • the deep lot is a nice feature and the locations access to rock creek park can have you in a lot of area by car very quickly but its a hike to the metro. I just dont get the buyers that want a high end house in a low rent area. though i know they are out there. if im going to be tempted into one though I would want a finishes basement for rental income to offset the cost of paying for a lux kitchen and baths in an un lux local

  • Too bad they didn’t spend some money putting the front porch roof back on. These houses always look so bland when they are missing the porch roof.

  • Nowhere near? Exactly how close DO you need to be to the metro? It’s 6 blocks to Petworth/Georgia Ave! And there are a gajillion busses on 14th Street too. I’d hardly say access to public transit is a problem for this address.

  • I used to run by this house all the time, and all I ever thought was “God, I would never want to live there, just think about moving furniture up or down that stairway.”

    And, to answer the question, $649K is WAY too much for a 3BR in that location. I’d think closer to 400-450. Maybe.

  • @ Jamie, for over $600k? I’d say within 1/2 mile.

  • @springroad… the economy’s not THAT bad yet. Show me a renovated house selling for 400k anywhere around here.

  • The stairs leading up to the house are a total deal-breaker for me.

    However, what I find interesting about this house is that when I was looking at the aerial satellite picture to see if there was alley access to avoid those godawful steps out front, I espied a marriage proposal to Lynne on top of the house.

    Wonder if they’re selling because she said no?

  • @Anon 1:22 – not saying it’s worth 650K, I was just debating metro proximity. I think calling a 12 minute walk to the metro “nowhere near” is a bit of an overstatement.

  • Point taken, Jamie, it was a bit of an overstatement but I think we both agree that it’s priced as if it’s located in a more conveinent and more-developed area. Out of curiousity, how much do you think it could sell for?

  • @heatherf

    HA! I wonder if the paint, or whatever that is, comes with the house.

  • for $650k you need a finished basement and another bedroom. if you’re in the market to buy a renovated house for that much money, you want more than 1 full bath

  • I actually really like that location for Cohi/Petworth/16th Street Heights. Being next to Rock Creek Park is awesome, and you’re still reasonably metro-accessible, and definitely still close enough to CoHi/U Street to have fun without needing a car, but not in the middle of the mayhem. I actually think the location is a relative positive. The curb appeal, not so much. It’s ugly. Just ugly. I couldn’t buy a house that I didn’t like from the outside no matter how much else was awesome about it.

    Also, while the renovation looks very good, it’s not my style – I like restorations of old rowhomes, not the “take down all the walls on the first floor” kind of renovations. So I would never buy it.

    But there’s no accounting for taste – I’m sure it appeals to a lot of people. It looks great in many ways, has a great yard, there are a lot of positives. I would be surprised if they couldn’t get 550K or so. I mean, decent renovations much farther up in petworth have no problem fetching 450-475, and this looks like very nice work and is closer in.

    — Jamie

  • I can’t stop shaking my head at the fact that someone paid $580 for this house in 2005. I wasn’t here then, but I thought that even then you could get this house or something similar for a lot less. Or was it really that crazy?

  • Vonstallin

    I drive by this one daily. i was wondering how much they wanted for it. Just didn’t think it was that much. Another one or two are at the end and across the street id much rather have.

    If it was me…maybe $575,000 tops and id spend a few thousand adding another bathroom or what ever.

  • I checked out this home when I was house hunting. it was priced at 699k then. it is beautiful inside – the renovations are immaculate. the reason I didn’t buy (price aside) was the 1.5 baths. though I do think that could be fixed, given the size of the master.

  • Totally Over-Built for that location.

  • Does it have a toilet in the shower?

  • @pennywise: !! if it did, it would be listed for $1.2m. 😉

  • Vonstallin

    Pennywise Says:

    January 8th, 2009 at 2:49 pm
    Does it have a toilet in the shower?

    Anonymous Says:

    January 8th, 2009 at 2:50 pm
    @pennywise: !! if it did, it would be listed for $1.2m.


    the secret is now out….
    Put a sh*tter in the shower and prices start at 1.2 million…
    thanks for the belly hurting laugh im having at work….

  • springroadintoaction Says:
    And, to answer the question, $649K is WAY too much for a 3BR in that location. I’d think closer to 400-450. Maybe.
    . . . . . . . . . .

    If this house were in Petworth proper, the fair price probably would be in the $400s, but the area closer to 16th St has always sold for more. It’s obviously overpriced now at $649K or someone would have bought it, but my bet would be that it sells for around $600K or a little under. While I’m not into such super modern renovations (and am with everyone on wondering what happened to the porch!), it looks well done with a really nice kitchen, central air, nice backyard – the works.

  • @springroadintoaction — the 322 Webster listing is a better deal, but I don’t think it fits what Jamie is describing. Although I don’t know Jamie, I think we both like to see original molding, floors, stairways, banisters, and room layout.

    What updates a beautiful old house is spare furnishings or choice of art/artifacts.

  • i went in there and looked at it on an open house a while back. first, i was just shocked at the price. the renovations are nice, but many things struck me as overkill.

    it’s interesting in comparison to one right around the corner:
    no photos, unfortunately. saw it when it was on the market: its on the end of the row, with lots of side windows. new kitchen, refinished floors, but nothing too extensive done to it. plus a two-car garage, and it’s on a street that dead-ends into rock creek park.

    the shepherd street house went under contract in 10 days. the taylor street house–no garage, sitting on a frequently-used cut-through street from piney branch to 14th–is still sitting on the market.

    i’d be willing to bet this house two blocks up on varnum goes quicker, even at $589K:
    same thing, but more traditional style, plus a garage, listed 60K less.

    mainly, i think that the taylor st. house is a vestige of the old housing market. it probably would have sold if it were 5 or more blocks south. it’s just too modern and overdone for 16th st. heights.

  • I just had my renovated house apparaised (including brand new kitchen with the works, AC, new rubberized main and porch roofs, new ceramic tiled basement floor and basement kitchen, new bathroom fixtures, plumbing and wiring), to get a lower interest rate and after getting the results. It was appraised at 375K and I’m frankly very pessimistic about selling anything over $400K. Not saying my place is directly comparable to this one, just was a little bit of a surprise. Just an idea of how things are changing, I also refinanced in Feb ’08 to get out of a 5 yr interest only ARM and at that time my place appraised for $420K with an outside appraisal only, those are now, of course, not allowed anymore. And I do understand that apprasials given for refi as opposed to selling may be different but they shouldn’t be. Bright side is I have more ammo to fight my property appraisal this year.

  • I wouldn’t worry too much about an appraisal marketsdropping — they tend to be pretty unreliable. For example, bought my petworth house three months ago for $499, had it reappraised yesterday for a refinancing, and it was up $25,000. So, who knows, but I wouldn’t worry too much.

  • Considering there’s a rowhouse on the 1300 block with an asking price of $325K, I’d have to say that this is highly overinflated. Sure, the rowhouse in question isn’t renovated, but you could put 100K into the cheaper rowhouse and come out ahead. NO THANKS!

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