Good Deal or Not? Stone’s Throw From Wonderland Edition


This home is located at 1025 Kenyon St., NW:

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The Web site says:

“Energy Efficiency & Green Features
Energy Efficient, Metro Accessible, and more….
3 Bedrooms — 1 Full Bath — 1 Half Bath — Garage Parking — Outdoor Patio space”

More info and photos found here.

Back in September a similar house a few doors down sold very quickly for around $380,000. This home is asking $425,000. This particular home does seem to be getting a complete renovation but do you think it can sell for more than it’s neighbor did back in September?

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  • I dunno, if I wanted a place in that area that needed a lot of work, this one is a lot cheaper:

    Granted it probably needs more work but for $250k less it’s probably a better deal.

  • I think it is getting a complete renovation b/c it caught on fire last year.

  • not a fan of renovations that gut all the original details. the most redeeming features of the old rowhouses around here are the things like trim, transoms and staircases. you get details you just don’t find in new construction. Why not just buy a new condo in Arlington if you don’t care about these things?

  • The electrical meter can is lovingly placed most prominently, and will look even better when the big plastic meter is installed!

  • Yep, you can watch the video of this house gutted by fire here:

    Don’t think you have much of a choice on a “complete renovation” after that one.

    Pictures of the fire here:

    Huge props to DCFD for containing it – that’s the kind of blaze that can take a whole block with it.

  • Anonymous 1:05 –

    How is that block of Fairmont (between 10th and 11th)? I’ve always been leery of southern Columbia Heights because of Girard Street, but I can imagine that I’m over-reacting…

  • damaged, I think it’s fine as far as crime/noise goes. Only issue is that it’s a little further from the Metro and the bars and restaurants on 11th.

  • For the price of $425 you can easily get something better, larger, closer to the Metro in a much nicer location.

  • $425 isn’t crazy, I think, especially for your own house (not a condo), a garage, outdoor space, and proximity to metro. Though I suspect it’ll eventually sell closer to $400. And yeah, this is the house gutted by fire last year, taking the two houses to the west with it. I walk by it everyday and thinking it was taking forever to repair (it was still an ashy mess by the time the other two houses were totally redone), but what they finally did looks pretty nice, from where I can peek in the windows.

  • Closer then three blocks to the metro? Really?? I’m not so sure you can get closer to the Columbia Heights metro then this unless you want to live in an apartment. I also feel like this is a pretty good part of the neighborhood. I live just a few blocks away and its always pretty quite and the only crime I really heard about was a targeted stabbing.
    Shrug. I think its a little expensive but not by much.
    Unless this house is really ugly inside I think it should sell pretty easily.

  • I went by and looked at those floor plans they have posted on the fence a few weeks ago. They would have been better off making it 2 bedrooms with a modicum of closet space, as opposed to squeezing in 3 with virtually no closet space. Then at least they could market it as one of those “Why Pay Condo Fees?” places. Having a garage is also a major plus though.

  • I agree with Jackie – most of the listings I’ve seen for entire rowhouses in the 400K range (which is probably closer to what the house will actually sell for) lately have been considerably farther from the metro and/or smaller, with just a single bathroom and no parking. I live a block from this house (and have also lived nearby on Kenyon) and feel perfectly comfortable with the location. Having Wonderland half a block away brings a lot of extra foot traffic (though not usually of the disruptive variety) to that intersection.

  • I spoke with a realtor on the Hill this weekend. The bottom line is that most young couples want “perfection” these days. They are too lazy to replace drywall or molding or even to strip paint from woodwork or find a mason to open up an old fireplace. They want it to be “move-in-ready.” I think this house, when drywall is up and recessed lights are in, will deliver.

    I now understand why these generic, clean, crisp renovations are being done. It’s for the bridge and tunnel Pottery Barn followers who can’t lift a finger to make a home their own (other than painting and hanging pictures) and have the same leather couch and flat screen as every other yuppie.

  • I give the cheapest of cheap windows about a year before they warp…I noticed the railing is already warping as well…and those stock front doors ($120 at Home Depot) don;t bode well for the choices made for other materials. One can usually punch the plastic window out and reach in to unlock the deadbolt, in case anyone else has one of these installed, and you find yourself locked out…!

  • This house did burn down. A son inherited it from his parents and was heavily into drugs. Apparently it burned down and was vacant for quite a while. I still feel that area has a lot of crime and I wouldn’t consider living on that particular street or area.

  • Looks small. ugly color. I don’t think so.

  • Bogfrog – I am glad you and your sample size of one Hill Realtor have it all figured out.

    I also looked at the plans and wondered why they tried to squeeze in a third bedroom. With this location, I think they’d have been better off expanding the master closets and adding a second full bathroom on this level.

  • If your choice falls between a condo or this house then you should just wait until you have enough money saved/earning more for something better. Why waste your life in home like this? It’s ugly and the reno looks cheap and it’s very small. Something this small and ugly should not sell for 400K.

  • Eva G – feel free to post the links to the larger, closer, nicer listings… I suspect you can’t at $425k, certainly not with parking…

  • I live on this block and it’s not any more or less dangerous than everywhere else nearby. Seriously, stop hating on my neighborhood. Also, thanks to DCFD for not letting all our houses burn down last year. I have seen people in and out of there – hopefully it will sell.

  • Anonymous at 1:05 and damaged: in regards to that house on Fairmont, the block is great (I rent half a block from there) but that house is a dump. We almost purchased it hoping for a challenging remodel and when we found out all the things that were wrong with it we decided to back out. It is going to take someone with quite a bit of funding (almost 200K probably) to get that place back to “safe to live in”.

    As for the house this post is really about, I think it’s a pretty good deal mainly based on location. We are house shopping and have been hard pressed to find anything in Columbia Heights under 350 that doesn’t need quite a bit of sweat equity.

  • If you think that block is unsafe, you should move far, far out into Virginia. Thanks.

  • Well truth be told, the property is now UNDER CONTRACT ….looks like another new home owner will be moving into the neighborhood!

  • Looked at this house twice actually and while the price and location seemed great to us, the layout inside was all wrong. I think they had several great ideas with what to do with the space, then started building and realized it wouldn’t all fit. The BRs, especially, were oddly shaped. Don’t know how much I can say without getting a notice from a realtor asking me to stop slamming his house. As to location, I don’t live in CH… yet. I’d definitely buy on that block though. If it’s under contract now then I guess I’m not the only one who likes it.

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