Good Deal or Not? Not Too Far From The Metro Edition


This home is located at 523 Shepherd Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Spacious!–attractive natural wood trim throughout-great block so so close to Metrorail and shops-convenient lower level with full bath * * * perfect for extended family”

More info but no photos found here.

I’m curious about this one because I think it might actually be a good deal. Plus I know there are a lot of fans of natural wood trim. Asking price is $329,900. I’m just curious – what do you think of the yellow paint around the trim on the outside? But I really want to know – does this sound like a good deal for four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms?

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  • Hard to tell with no pictures, but even if it needs a decent amount of work, it seems like a good deal (nice location, nice block) and often you are better off with these houses that maintain there original features but haven’t been renovated than with the poorly converted open-floor-plan jobs.

    I hate the yellow trim.

  • I agree, it sounds like a pretty good deal unless it’s a gut job. I’m sure the bedrooms are small, but having a full bath on the lower floor is pretty nice.

    I also hate the yellow trim

  • I think this has actually been on the market for quite some time…. They originally had it listed with Century 21 – I think. It started around 375,000 and the last time I looked it was at 340… I think.

    The house looked like it had original details but had definitely had the kitchen redone and if I remember correctly it was kind of cheap looking.

    I wonder where the fourth bedroom is?

  • Sounds like a great deal unless it’s a total dump. From google maps, looks like those houses have good sized backyards, too.

  • Isn’t this block of Shepherd still included as one of the designated MPD “hot spots” in DC – i.e. still a bit sketchy!

  • Question – why did they do the yellow trim (which I loathe) on the 2nd floor but not on the first? Seems odd especially when trying to sell in a tough market.

  • I’ve seen it–as we walked up to the house, two cop cars went screaming by and stopped a few doors down, were there for a long time. Noticed lots of guys hanging out–had a bit of the air of Taylor & 3rd/Marlboro Place.

    As for the size, it’s 3 bedrooms, not 4. They must be counting the sort-of-finished basement as the fourth, but I wouldn’t call that a bedroom by any stretch of the imagination. Bathroom in the basement was pretty grubby and needed work, other bath on the second floor is outdated, but didn’t appear to need as much work.

    Cracked/crumbly plaster walls throughout. Looked like water damage around windows and down through a bedroom into the dining room. Kitchen was a late-80s renovation on a sloping floor. The owners’ pit bull kept us from walking around the backyard, from what we could see out the dining-room window, it was your standard narrow rectangle.

  • Agree with Miscue. We saw it back in October and thought the condition was pretty rough for $375,000. Glad to see they dropped the price. There are some original wood moldings and other architectual features upstairs that are nice…but the kitchen and baths would need to be completely redone. We saw water damage that we thought was an indication of a property that had been neglected for a long time. Also got a bad vibe from the owner’s pitbull and the street scene.

  • As a follow-up, Miscue how much would the place take to redo or make halfway decent?
    Interesting prices in that area, does anyone that lives in the vicinity offer any tips on the streets/areas to avoid? Thanks.

  • This area has a lot of potential — it’s too bad about the neighborhood drug dealers. On the bright side though I’ll add that on my block (700 block of Taylor) we had problems from 2 drug houses (one in the 700 block and one in the 800 block). Within the last year, both those houses have turned around – one is vacant, and one was sold and renovated. The sketchy dudes and sketchy foot traffic have all but disappeared. So perhaps the sketchiness won’t be there forever, plus a problem house or two is a lot better than dealing with a whole public housing project in your midst.

  • Good to hear things cleaned up a bit, PetworthRes. I was encouraged to buy a condo in that area several years ago, but decided against it after some late evening scouting missions. I coulda scored some blow and rock, and maybe a lumpy hooker, but decided against buying there.

    I know those style of houses are extremely solid and can be great to renovate, provided you got the guts (and money).

  • following on Anonymous @ 5:22, the triangle between Georgia and New Hampshire from the metro up to Upshur St is all very nice – close to metro and walkable. This would be the 700 & 800 blocks for Randolph, Shepherd, Taylor, & Upshur Streets. Prob would be too much of a leap to say all of the drug dealers are gone from that area, but I know it pretty well and can’t think of any drug houses that are still left.

  • Pennywise, I know what you’re talking about, I used to watch all the hookers walking back and forth, and every couple days I could watch drug deals, drug busts and arrests from outside my window. This is in 2005 until summer 2007…then it all changed. Not to say there aren’t still problems from time to time, but the change is pretty drastic – and very nice.

  • I live in a rowhouse on Allison, between 5th and 6th and it’s been great so far. It’s actually really quiet and the neighbors are friendly. We moved in a couple months ago. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the neighborhood.

    I’d say this house is still a bit high from the description. Our house needs renovations, but doesn’t sound nearly as bad as this place (we don’t have any water damage and no ugly yellow paint) and we paid right around what this is asking.

  • OK, it’s going to take about $20 worth of paint for you to repaint that trim. Is this something you want a subsidy for? If you hired painters, I bet they would charge $200.

  • My guess is that the 4th bedroom is the covered porch area in the back.

  • unfortunately that section of shep wher ethe house is (and I mean next door) is a hold out for dealers. seems like the drug business that was removed from the top of the hill is now located there. I hope MPD continues its hot pursuit.

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